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  1. Nice job on the show Steve and sounds great. Much appreciated for the many hours of work you spent on it. Would love a link to this 9/29/71 show when you have the chance. Much obliged!
  2. More amazing photos and surprised they didn't take much editing for clarity as been 45 years. Love the b&w photos of Jimmy!
  3. Astonishing photos! Most are very clear and so close. Well done. You must have kept these photos protected as there doesn't seem much deterioration in quality of these. A real treasure!
  4. Two shows lined up so far: Lukas Nelson at the Cap in Portchester, NY in April and Dark Star Orchestra at same venue in May.
  5. Just pre-ordered the full set on Ebay. About $60 for the full set with shipping. Not a bad price. Saw some of the individual ones being offered for $40+.
  6. It's for a movie soundtrack. Movie is "A Million Little Pieces."
  7. Pete Alonso of the Mets and his Halloween costume last year. This was during the Arizona Fall League. I forget who the other guy is but he plays in the Astros farm system. Pete is a huge Led Zeppelin fan. Great to capture some of the younger audience and bring them on board.
  8. It's an amazing exhibit and I spent more time there than I thought I would. Very extensive and Page is probably represented more and better than anyone.
  9. Very cool and you did a great job with the remastering judging by the sample. Would love to have this in all it's glory. I have the SB but this is a big upgrade. Send me a PM Steve, if it's not too much trouble. Thanks and best to you!
  10. I can't believe you missed the telecaster! It was to the right of the double neck Gibson SG against the wall on the right. You were just feet away from it. It is a bit hidden and easy to miss as the big display with Jimmy in the dragon suit stands out and grabs your attention immediately.
  11. The movie is great and will see it again. Either I'll get the dvd or see if available on Netflix or Prime. I wasn't in Cape Canaveral for the launch but about five miles away on Cocoa Beach. So amazing and glad I got to experience this. Something I'll never forget. I probably got to see this for a couple of minutes before it disappeared high into the atmosphere. The thrust on the Saturn V was amazing and quite intense.
  12. SuperDave

    Golf Talk

    I was doing well in my Fantasy league for the Open but not as well now. There are 15 of us in our league and am currently 6th. I was 1st after the first round but things change like Ireland's son Shane. What a tourney he is having! Who would have thought Rory would have a self implosion from the very first hole. Stranger being in home territory for him! Just crazy. Impossible to bet on this game! Doing well this year with three wins in last eight weeks which puts me on the plus side for the year. Any win or dollars I get for remainder of season thru FedEX (1st or 2nd for our tourneys) will be a plus as I can't wind up in negative territory! That's always good.
  13. Tonight was a pan fried rib eye (s/p, garlic powder and Montreal seasoning) with drawn butter at finish, oven roasted sliced Idahos, butter head lettuce with homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Accompanied with a nice Cab. A good bottle of Louis Martini to be exact. All so good!
  14. I was just a few years old and vaguely remember watching it. But I've always had quite an interest in our space program. I saw the Apollo 11 documentary in IMAX a few days ago and worth seeing. I think it was just in theaters now for the anniversary as already as a video release. I also saw the Muse To The Moon photo exhibition at the Met in NYC yesterday and well worth seeing. It follows man's infatuation of landing and exploring the moon from beginnings a few 100 years ago through the Apollo program. I got to see the launch of Apollo 16 in April 1972. Not from the KSC but several miles away on Cocoa Beach. Very cool and remember it well with a good view of the Saturn V rocket throttling up into space. We were close enough to hear it as well which was equally amazing with all the thrust power. One of the greatest moments for man in history for certain!
  15. It's a great exhibition and well worth seeing. More extensive than I thought it would be. It took me about 90 minutes to get through the entire exhibit yesterday. There is probably more guitars from Jimmy Page than anyone else at the exhibit. It was very well done. It was quite crowded as was the entire Met itself. But it wasn't a problem. Glad to see a lot of young people taking in the exhibit. There are four video exhibits with Page, Eddie Van Halen, Tom Morello and Keith Richards. There is more to this than guitars with other instruments as well as some full ban displays of in concert set up. I was very impressed with it and glad I got to see it before it closes on October 1st. See it before it closes!
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