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  1. Sounds like this will be one I'd enjoy. From the small audio clip it sounds amazing. Send me a link when you get the chance Steve. Eye Thank You!
  2. I do remember seeing the ad on TV in the NYC area as a promo for the tour. I do recall it featuring a live performance of WIAWSNB from the Unledded video. I think it was a 30 second ad and the Miller Genuine Draft sponsorship is mentioned.
  3. I have the original Japanese release. I got it in the early 80's when I was a teen at an indy record store fro about $5. Probably worth some $$$ now and I still have it. I also have the 10 legendary singles from New Zealand as well with the mistakes as some A sides are B sides etc.
  4. Glad it's finally over. If it had prevailed it would be really bad for the music industry. As a songwriter, you'd constantly be concerned about the music notes you have as part of a song and a few of them together might be similar to this song or that song. You'd think you could be sued at any time and the ambulance chasing lawyers would be all over it taking on these cases.
  5. Nice job on the show Steve and sounds great. Much appreciated for the many hours of work you spent on it. Would love a link to this 9/29/71 show when you have the chance. Much obliged!
  6. More amazing photos and surprised they didn't take much editing for clarity as been 45 years. Love the b&w photos of Jimmy!
  7. Astonishing photos! Most are very clear and so close. Well done. You must have kept these photos protected as there doesn't seem much deterioration in quality of these. A real treasure!
  8. Two shows lined up so far: Lukas Nelson at the Cap in Portchester, NY in April and Dark Star Orchestra at same venue in May.
  9. Just pre-ordered the full set on Ebay. About $60 for the full set with shipping. Not a bad price. Saw some of the individual ones being offered for $40+.
  10. It's for a movie soundtrack. Movie is "A Million Little Pieces."
  11. Pete Alonso of the Mets and his Halloween costume last year. This was during the Arizona Fall League. I forget who the other guy is but he plays in the Astros farm system. Pete is a huge Led Zeppelin fan. Great to capture some of the younger audience and bring them on board.
  12. It's an amazing exhibit and I spent more time there than I thought I would. Very extensive and Page is probably represented more and better than anyone.
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