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  1. Don't think so. Not a cheap doc. From a director who did "American Epic" which is an amazing film if you get the chance to see it. Not some crap doc. The director won awards for that film and was featured on PBS. So well done. It's also on Amazon Prime for free. You can watch the four eps on PBS as well and well worth it! A good reason why the LZ doc will be that good!
  2. I think this documentary will be amazing. I've seen the director's other work with "American Epic" and it's an astonishing piece of filmmaking. I think this one on Led Zeppelin should be just as good, if not better. Will be interesting to see what footage is included as I'm guessing some unreleased material. As it goes through some of 1970, we may get the Bath 1970 footage. As a doc, it will probably just be a few minutes of, which makes sense. As long as it's comprehensive and done well through this period, I'll be happy. The idea of being entered at the Cannes Film Festival could be a big deal. If it's that good than perhaps a nomination for an Oscar next year? I'm getting ahead, but possible! Imagine that and the band showing up for the awards? I would guess Page will have some sort of production credit in this film as it's his band and gave the go ahead to do this among other things and the criteria for the film. Looking forward to the details of the film and and how it came to be and why the director chose to do a Led Zeppelin documentary and what he wanted the film to be originally. As the film goes through 1970 (at least at some point) is this what Page wanted or what the director wanted? Interesting info for sure. I'm sure Jimmy will answer this eventually with the official release when it happens. I had originally thought when I heard about this doc that it would be comprehensive, but just focuses on the early years when they hit it big, when the doc ends. It leaves this open for more. We shall see and hope we are happy with it. I'd say yes!!!!.......meaning we will love it or hate it!
  3. You will love the show. They are great live with so much energy. Seen them twice in 2018 and my third show will be in just a couple of weeks in NYC again at Forest Hills Stadium. A 10K venue from the last show I saw with 2,800 capacity. Quite the move up. But then again it was Terminal 5 in NYC with three sold out shows last November. GVF are quite big in the NYC region for sure. My first was just about a year ago to the day at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ. Great show and insane crowd that was so into the show. Very mixed age wise. Many complain about Josh's screaming but here is an amazing vocal performance by him and not an easy one do to. Enjoy! Closing in on 3 million views on YT with this song, so not too shabby! From 2017.
  4. Sounds very promising and especially with the band's involvement. Makes sense for a documentary to be at Cannes as not a career spanning documentary and allows more focus and detail with a specified period. Perhaps, this won't be the last one and will continue on from 1970, where it ends in the doc. We shall see as details are announced over the next few weeks. Cannes festival runs from May 14-25, so coming up really soon as next week!
  5. I'm not surprised this has been cancelled as many rumors of financial problems with the event and trouble with the artists getting paid. Plus, tickets never went on sale. It was doomed from the start.
  6. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/rolling-stones-rock-and-roll-circus-reissue-box-set-829240/ This looks like a great release and I'm all over it. Various formats available. It's a great show with a good lineup.
  7. He's great live as I saw him at the Cap in Portchester NY last September. Even better as I talked with him for a few minutes after the show as he was hanging out by his bus afterwards. Very cool guy and down to earth. My brother and I were in the bar (Garcia's after the show. Named after Jerry). My brother left. I was walking back to the train station and I saw him by his bus with a few fans. Nice timing.
  8. That's too bad. I enjoyed a number of their songs during the early to mid 80's.
  9. I heard about this a few days ago and looking forward to seeing this. This will give the boys well deserved national exposure.
  10. I saw more shows in 2018 then I think in any other year. Or close to it. 3 Dead and Company Shows in Hartford and two in NYC at CitiField Panorama Music Festival in NYC Greta Van Fleet in Sayreville NJ Elton John in NYC at MSG Gary Clark Jr at Cap in Portchester NY Greta Van Fleet in NYC at Terminal 5 I hope I didn't leave anything out
  11. I'm not a big fan of The Grammys but this is quite cool and glad the band is getting some acknowledgement for their music. This is just for the two EP compilation of "From The Fires" and not for their debut album "Anthem of the Peaceful Army." Not eligible yet as I think the period runs through September and album was released in October. Perhaps, next year! It took more than 30 years after Led Zeppelin disbanded for them to win their first one for "Celebration Day" (excluding the lifetime award) and why these awards are such a joke! But, will take it for GVF. They are great live and see them if you like them as now may be one of the last times they will be playing the smaller venues. https://www.forbes.com/sites/matthewleimkuehler/2018/12/07/greta-van-fleet-twenty-one-pilots-fall-out-boy-grammy-award-2019-rock-nominations/?fbclid=IwAR26za0My5ChGYx9YufcBbsipZBYMU_197LSo6MWXyIGOoO13A8ZnJugC6I#7aa1e09f2e5a
  12. I agree as don't listen to them if you don't like them. I've seen them twice now and they are very good live. Two night ago at Terminal 5 in NYC. Will certainly be seeing them again.
  13. Greta Van Fleet at Terminal 5 in NYC, two days ago. Played three shows there. All sell outs. That's 9,000 seats. Great show and the boys can play. Crowd was really into them. Perhaps, the last time they play a smaller venue in the NYC area for some time. Next up in this area is Forest Hills Stadium in May.
  14. I have a friend who saw him recently and really enjoyed the show
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