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  1. Thanks and sounds good. I appreciate this very much and the amount of love and passion you put into these remasters.
  2. Steve as there is another show from the same date back in 1969, I was wondering if you ever finished remastering that show from the Fillmore. You said you were still working on it a few months ago. I'm sure it will be a gem from the sample you provided and from the other shows you've done. Great work! Send me a link when it's complete. The version I have sounds good but could use some remastering to bring the sound out more and clarity too.
  3. That's how I've always felt about the Hampton show. It needs a good remix by SteveZ98 who has done a good job with some of these shows.
  4. Great sound and so much better than what I have. Send me a link when you have the time.
  5. I'm with you on this! I can't wait. Rolling Stone gave it a very good review. They just wish it didn't end in 1970! It would be nice if they continued with this. Next part from here through Earls Courts shows and last part from Robert's car accident till the end and some post Zep. We can always dream!
  6. Thanks for sharing this. Good interviews and insight of the making of this movie.
  7. He kept the Stones' rhythm together and the driving force and backbone of this band. Can't be replaced just like Bonzo. This is a tough one. Glad I got to see the Stones with reliable and dapper Charlie who had a great sense of fashion.
  8. Nice job Steve. Quite an archive you have with the P/P media coverage. I was pretty aware it was extensive. Interesting stuff! Looking forward to next installment.
  9. May have to check some of these out.
  10. Very cool Strider. I've seen many of these. Do you have the whole series or are you streaming them? It was funny that when my friends and I stayed at the former Heartbreak Hotel across from Graceland on two occasions there was a channel we had that played Elvis movies 24/7. We stayed in the Graceland suite. The suite had 7 TVs and modeled after Graceland including the Jungle Room with a mini waterfall. Very cool. But it's been torn town. Another Elvis hotel replaced it and is more high end. Hope to stay here one day. https://guesthousegraceland.com/ Mini Jungle Room at HH: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/540009811541205837/ Graceland Suite:
  11. That's a great perspective Strider and can't be overlooked. Just look at how much LZ's sound changed and everything from forming in summer 1968 to summer 1971 with the USA tour. Quite drastic for sure. Led Zeppelin were chameleons!
  12. Awesome song and very upbeat for sure. I will listen to this often. It reminds me a bit of "Gone, Gone Gone" from "Raising Sand." Much better than some of the material Robert has released over the years. Having Alison to collaborate on this venture, just makes it better. She's just amazing. I actually saw her at Outlaw Music Festival in Phiily in 2019. What a fiddle player and voice she has! It should be a great album if the first single is anything to go by and I'm sure it is! Can't wait for their tour in 2022! What a match. Sorry it took 14 years for a reunion but it's here now! I'm stoked! Here's the first single and "Can't Let Go." Enjoy it and play it often!!!!
  13. Thanks Strider and glad you appreciate this. You've always been one of the best I like to correspond with on this board. Great info, tales, experiences and so much more! You TCB as "The King" Elvis has as his motto! It's what my friends and I live by for music and TCB. Just look it up and perhaps you'll understand this and TCB. I know you will!
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