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  1. I’ve watched the same interview and I’m having trouble seeing and more importantly, hearing, what some here are claiming Robert was saying. Are you that naïve and smitten to Robert’s boyish sense of humor that you’ve been completely duped by a comment related to something that is at best, pure speculation to something that is 10 months from even gestating? Why would Robert choose a random interview in Australia of all places to pronounce he wanted a Led Zeppelin reunion? Why would he do that rather than contacting the others behind the scenes and working something out first before going public (in any sense)? Isn’t how they went about the rehearsals for the 02 Show any indication how Led Zeppelin does business? Robert isn’t going to throw his hat in the ring in a manner that refutes his past statements regarding the prospects of a reunion while simultaneously dissing Jimmy and Jonesy in a fashion that undermines their clear desires after the 02 Show unless he’s succumbed to being a complete asshole. And I highly doubt that after seeing him visibly moved at the Kennedy Awards and his overall spirits (along with the other two) during the press conferences and interviews. Sure, there is a bit of tension but I truly believe him when he says “These guys are my buddies etc…” There is love throughout all of them. That doesn’t mean Robert suddenly wants to do a greatest hits tour. He has said he can’t relate to the 19 year old who belted out those songs with the swagger and decadence that is on those recordings and how can he? He can’t swing “Immigrant Song” at full tilt night after night anymore. Christ, he couldn’t in October 1972?! And why should we hold that against him now? He shouldn’t be ridiculed for feeling how he feels about his life. And I think his public statements against doing a massive tour have hit some fans the wrong way. Look, I admire him for not doing what other acts from his generation do. Like the music, his sense of humor has always remained the same and unfortunately so has the desperately selfish demands of a fan base that is borderline delusional. I’d love to see Jimmy tour on his own; just him and an acoustic guitar, playing celtic blues in small clubs and theaters to maybe a thousand people each night. I think it would be a wonderful way for him to get his music out there and also reconnect with his audiences, who have been waiting for him for decades. He doesn’t need Robert Plant to do that but I understand why Jimmy is a continual holdout to doing a new Zeppelin related gig with Robert. They were the best when working with each other in their youth so naturally there will always be a spark there. It worked in the 1990s, to a degree. But Jimmy doesn’t seem capable of releasing anything new. I think he’s more content standing there with the Zeppelin catalogue and his few side/solo projects as his career achievements. Today, Led Zeppelin are as big as the Beatles so I understand the feeling of satisfaction and gratification he must feel. Maybe that’s true. If so, that’s unfortunate in my opinion. He is in a small group of guitar players the world will likely never see again. He deserves the confidence afforded to him by his fan base to keep playing. And therein lays the constant stress-out for Robert to come around for a full on Led Zeppelin tour. And what exactly would a tour prove to anyone? Or is it even about that? Is it just about seeing Led Zeppelin one last time? Well, it’s not Led Zeppelin. No John Bonham. Jason is a fine drummer but he lacks half the chops of his pop. That’s not a dig at him. That’s just reality. His father had uncanny abilities that great drummers struggle to advance towards after a lifetime of practice. Also, Led Zeppelin was built on the swagger of youthful sex and unpredictable dynamics and improvisation, much to the ado of the combo of Bonham and Jones. That isn’t who they are any longer. Those elements are gone. And I think that goes to the core for Robert. That fifth element Jimmy often talks about can never be rekindled and without it, there is no true Led Zeppelin. Yeah, the board had discussions like this back in 2003 when I first joined but it’s the same discussion ten years on now. Enjoy the music and enjoy these guys while they’re still on this earth. If they decide to change their current trajectories and want to tour, when that time comes, “all will be revealed.” That should be enough for all of us until then, in Valhalla and Mordor.
  2. you are loved baby!

  3. awakes from a nice nap...staggers to the toilet and returns to the couch to continue his slumber.
  4. Where ya been, Big Guy?

    It's been awhile.

    Hope errything's alright.

  5. I can see Slash doing lead guitar. That would kick some ass.
  6. Destroyer is 4-27-77. Destroyer II is 4-28-77. I would have paid 100 bucks for Destroyer on vinyl, but I'm not a fan of the show. Considering their last show in 1977 was July 24th, I'm assuming "Seattle August 1977" is a shipping or mailing date, not a reference to an actual Led Zeppelin concert?
  7. is dreaming of her, over the hills..but not so far away!

  8. Awesome vid Sam. I'm assuming the audio is from Greensboro too? I've never listened to the show before.
  9. Hate to burst your inflating head but I do get it. The mystique of the band, along with the music is why they are so popular. But that doesn't mean any of them want to see people portray them in situations they would rather see fade into lore. Denial with half a smile is the way they've always played it and the way they will most likely continue doing so until they pass on. Hence why we may be stuck with Almost Famous as a pseudo-bio for now.
  10. Halloween 09 in Manhattan. I had a 104 fever in this pic and was on the verge of collapsing. Somehow, I managed.
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