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  1. No one is denying that but I'm not one to look at the 1977 tour through a rose colored lens either. There were some great shows when the band were firing on all cylinders for the entire show but that didn't happen as frequently by that point in their career as it had just a few years earlier. Of course they were really good, they were incredible musicians. But even great talents falter when substance abuse strangles every aspect of the whole thing. It took a near death experience for Robert to first shake him of his "invicibility" people feel with youth. One can assume it shook the wh
  2. I found the book to be the best I've ever read about the band and that's after having read all of them (with Peter Grant's being the best before this one). The interviews are telling and it reinforces whatever mojo they certainly had together was stripped from them in August 1975 and from there onwards, they were never quite the same group (for various reasons). It's an incredible polaroid of the times they lived in: incredible fame, incredible excess and an incredible legacy that was forged at the ultimate price.
  3. I’ve watched the same interview and I’m having trouble seeing and more importantly, hearing, what some here are claiming Robert was saying. Are you that naïve and smitten to Robert’s boyish sense of humor that you’ve been completely duped by a comment related to something that is at best, pure speculation to something that is 10 months from even gestating? Why would Robert choose a random interview in Australia of all places to pronounce he wanted a Led Zeppelin reunion? Why would he do that rather than contacting the others behind the scenes and working something out first before going public
  4. I hope this quote serves to show some of the fans that Robert indeed cherishes the band more than he lets on. He may not show it the way some would like and speak as warm heartedly about it as Jimmy frequently does, but that's not our business to judge and condemn him for. He clearly still holds the powerful bond all four of them had together close to his heart and I can only guess that it does pain him that he can't shake the legacy and shadow of it while he's still alive. The blessing of having a music group of undeniable talent that will live on forever has equally left him living his life
  5. I don't venture on this site anymore and just dropped in to see if there was any information about when the Kennedy Center Awards would be broadcasted. Upon viewing some of the comments in this thread, it really is quite striking how juvenile some people are acting. (But not surprising considering how most of the elder members left for this reason). First off, who cares how many times you saw Led Zeppelin and how many albums you own? It doesn't mean a damn thing when you show yourself as a complete jackass in a conversation that should be celebrating these guys getting together for the last
  6. ^ Perhaps you should think about what you're typing before you send it. The Chicago 1973 soundcheck is pretty standard Zeppelin-fan knowledge. Welcome to the club!
  7. you are loved baby!

  8. "We had a band powerful enough to turn goat piss into gasoline." - Donald "Duck" Dunn, The Good Ol' Blues Brothers Boys Band
  9. Slash's Snakepit, opening for AC/DC in 2000. I love Slash but his band was absolute crap. Too loud and too distorted. The singer said, "How ya doin' Philly?" and we collectively said "Fuck you!" We booed them relentlessly, which is a shame but they were terrible and thankfully they disbanded not long after. I still remember turning to a friend after they finished and asking if they played any Guns. He said, "Yeah, they just closed with Mr. Brownstone." I couldn't tell.
  10. This soundcheck is without any doubt from Chicago, 1973. I've never once heard it being from any other tour and if you've heard enough live Zeppelin, you can hear when this took place in the band's tenure. Plant's voice is clearly '1973-esque' and he actually blew it out during this soundcheck as he sounded like shit in the actual Chicago shows. And for those who question the original material being played, Wanton Song, Sick Again and Custard Pie were already being constructed in 1973. I have several incarnations of the studio sessions for PG and they begin in 1973, during the time when Plant
  11. awakes from a nice nap...staggers to the toilet and returns to the couch to continue his slumber.
  12. Where ya been, Big Guy?

    It's been awhile.

    Hope errything's alright.

  13. I'm glad to see the thread take a turn for the... after 17+ pages of bashing Robert Plant. Now we're back on the same ol' topic of why John Bonham shouldn't be the end for the remaining members to play shows. And I thought this conversation was lame before the 02 show!! I'm reminded of 1969 when John Lennon wanted Billy Preston to join the Beatles as a full time member. Of course, the others scoffed at this and said he was nuts. The closest he got was playing for some of the Get Back sessions. But he never became a Beatle. Why? Because, they all knew The Beatles were the four of them, n
  14. A Ferrari without its original engine has little value to a collector. Bonzo was what powered them more than anything. No replacement engine will ever make them hum or purr the way he did. Talk about love...talk about..
  15. It really is something to behold when no matter how many forum members provide reasonable dialogue to a nonsense issue, a small few just can't resist stoking a dead flame.
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