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  1. Your footer.. I was at that St Louis show and the slight delay was over 1.25 hours!!!!
  2. Yes-- and as Karac's mother Maureen was a lovely, lovely Indian....
  3. nicely done. everyone! the only answer posted I say is wrong is the number of strings JPJ could have played on any given night of the US 1977 tour 8-the Bec-Var/Alembic 8 string 4- the 4 string Alembic 4- Fender Precision fretless (IMTOD) 4 the Arco electric stand up 8- a mandolin (going to california) 6 -a six string acoustic (battle of evermore) 12 -a 12 string acoustic (ten years gone) (all of the least three could be on the Manson triple neck on later dates) TOTAL: 42 I had lunch at the Swan on Mill Lane in 1983 and heard about how Pagey's dog got out and he found it at
  4. Should I have posted easier ones? Or much harder ones?
  5. JPJ and Bonzo took theirs directly from Rudolph Koch's book of symbols. Robert says his also relates to the Mu civilization.
  6. Message me and i can make a video to show you how to play the mandolin part.. either the studio recording or the way pagey played it in 1977. Seriously.
  7. Technically it's not a Telecaster bass but a Fender Precision..before thay changed its design tp the split pickup, etc.. The Tele name for this era stuck for obvious reasons. then fender made a Tele bass in the 1970s similar but with a fatter covered pickup.
  8. 1. What year did Percy get his teeth capped? 2. Jimmy too 3. Brand of tractors used on Old Hyde Farm during Bonzos lifetime 4. Name of the pub closest to Jimmy's old Mill Lane house 5. On any one night of the last USA 1977 tour, not counting piano, etc..how many total strings could Jonesy have plucked on all of his instruments from any one night? 6. Brand of electric piano used on Stairway studio recording? 7. Year of Jonesy's Tele-style bass? (used on Black Dog, Immigrant song, etc) 8. Tuning for the studio Rain Song? (lowest string to highest) 9. Nearest town to Robert's old Welsh fa
  9. I kind of doubt that was a Percy ref as "a tall cool one" is far older than Mr. RAP. But hard to say with any certainty unless one knows the episode writer.
  10. bart and lisa visit the giant's causeway basalt formations...and climb it. hee hee I smiled big enough to split my face in half.
  11. From the recent St. Patrick's Day day episode "In The Name Of The Grandfather"..the family go to Ireland, and.. well, you'll know it when you see it. enjoy Your friendly neighborhood multi-instrumentalist, LZ live witness (1971, 1972, 1973, 1975 and 1977) and overall LZ expert non pareil luaP
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