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  1. Yes, back after a long absence. I posted like crazy when the forum was new and then sort of forgot about it, but have started using it again now.
  2. Think About You - Guns n' Roses (106) Ain't Talkin About Love - Van Halen (105) The Boys Are Back in Town - Thin Lizzy (91)
  3. I couldn't agree with you more. STH is not a bad song, but anyone who says it's their best if clearly showing that they just haven't listened to much Led Zep. It's the same with a lot of bands though, like Queen & Bohemian Rhapsody, Rolling Stones & Satisfaction etc - all their most hailed songs but it make people overlook all of the other great songs they have.
  4. Wow, big call Lunacy. I second that Yoko Ono should definitely be on that list. Also not a fan of the guy from Rage Against the Machine.
  5. Didn't Saxon make it big? If I've heard of them, then they must have Roadstar definitely didn't get the recognition they deserved. Dukes of Stratosphear too.
  6. I love it when that happens! Good luck with the job Roxie, if you're confident, then that's a good sign! I applied to do a study exchange overseas! Hope it all works out
  7. well another 16 year old girl, Jessica Watson (from Australia) managed to succesfully sail solo around the world and completed her journey recently, so its not impossible. But it cost the Australian government hundreds of thousands of dollars to help find and rescue Abby.
  8. Yeah, the guys from Muse obviously spend a lot of time reading 1984 before going into the studio! Their most recent album, the Resistance, is basically the musical biography of winston and julia.
  9. The teams are comprised of totally different players, so it doesn't really matter who was a good team 30 years ago! It doesn't mean they're going to win now.
  10. This isn't a slight overreaction, it's a COMPLETE overreaction! Not every single thing with the word 'black' in it is referring to African-Americans. Just like everything with the word 'white' not necessarily having anything to do with white people. I remember a while back there being a big stink about the term 'blackboard' and teachers had to start saying chalkboard instead because it was racist. Nobody ever complained about whiteboards.
  11. Exactly. One win doesn't necessarily mean that Germany have it in the bag. As much as I hate to say it about my own country, I don't think Australia are going to do too well. Everyone thought we did great in 2006, but that's because we were the underdogs and nobody expected us to get anywhere. Now the people are expecting too much, forgetting that this is only our third World Cup.
  12. I can't really describe it. It's ridiculously sunny, but also pouring with rain.
  13. We'll being saying the same thing to our kids in ten years time, and they'll do it to their kids after that. It's just a fact of life that lifestyle has changed. I'm 18 and used to borrow my dad's cassette walkman as a kid. We didn't get broadband until I was at least 14. I wrote a letter to my friend yesterday. My first school used to have a dot matrix printer and printed only black and white. That doesn't mean it's hard. Anyway, without e-mail, you wouldn't have had to do things like overnight assignments. Basically, the teacher e-mails you the essay topic at 5:00pm on Friday night and you e-mail back your response at the end of the weekend. It sucks!
  14. Wayne's World 1 & 2 My favourite scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiLtZBnb7LA
  15. I read 'My Sister's Keeper' by Jodi Picoult a few weeks ago. It really made me think.
  16. Right now it is probably One Of The Boys by Katy Perry. Not because I like Katy Perry, but I'm sick of people thinking that I'm a fucking boy all the time. Even my dad says "you're one of the boys to me". He's taught me how to jumpstart a car and hitch a trailer but hasn't taught my brothers. The thing is, I'm very feminine and I just want the boys to stop thinking that I'm one of them. Not that there is anything wrong with boys... I'm just not one. Otherwise, I'm sure there are many more relevant songs but I just can't come up with one that is profound enough at the moment.
  17. I second that. Where did these women come up with an idea like that?!
  18. In no particular order: Back to the Future Top Gun Die Hard La Vita e Bella (Life Is Beautiful) - one of the best crafted films I've ever seen Toy Story Revenge of the Nerds School of Rock This Is Spinal Tap Pirates of the Caribbean Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Hairspray Batman & Robin The Wedding Singer
  19. GibsonGirl


    Lemon lime & bitters
  20. GibsonGirl

    65 + people dead

    Yeah, I'm watching that now. Everyone from Aus should tune in to channel 9. They predict that 1 million animals have died. Not just that, but there habitats are completely destroyed too. It's very sad.
  21. GibsonGirl


    It is currently 4:40pm in SA, meaning that the rest of Australia is either 4:10pm or 5:10pm.
  22. GibsonGirl

    65 + people dead

    The perpetrators who are found will be sentenced to 25 years in jail for murder by arson. Judging by the number of people who have died, they'll probably be in prison for a looong time. It still doesn't seem fair though, no punishment will ever harsh enough for what they've done. Indonesia and Papua New Guinea have donated millions of dollars which I think is really nice. Really, this is no different to us donating to Hurricane Katrina or the tsunami appeal. I think I'm going to donate clothes to the people who have lost everything. I hate to even think of how many more people have died but just haven't been found in their homes yet.
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