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  1. I seen in my local news paper in Charleston Ms. That Robert was here last week. He was on the front page for dedicating a blues shrine in Tallahatchie County. They did not tell anyone. I hate i missed that.
  2. My band done a cover of the Immigrant Song. You can download it free along with our third cd at www.reverbnation.com/arisewithin Thanks Paul Hill also add me on the myspace www.myspace.com/arisewithin I thought everone here would like to hear the song. I am not trying to spam. So enjoy. I am a Zeppelin Fan like You
  3. well there are certian way sto say things. I was on subject when I said. That the Robinson or Coverdale would work. That was my opinion. He came back with sarcasim. Jimmy Page thought Robinson and Page was good enough.
  4. The Basic Box. It is in the key of A minor.
  5. Don't have one. It is a forum I stated my opinion about the singer. This guy gets smart. I got smart back.
  6. Follow the myspace link and you will see who I am. I am the man with guitar.
  7. 34 and I am not taking crap from you punks. He got smart. I have my opinion he has his. I am not wishing for anyone but Robert Plant. But the others I named was great.
  8. I had never seen it. I just wanted to know if that was Zeppelin?
  9. You was being ugly if had nothing good to say then shut the fuck up!
  10. I will fuckface. My first option would be Plant I am a true fan. But the others I named are best for the job.
  11. I did that but I found limited info. And by the way fuck yourself.
  12. I did but that is who I like dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. What is this release? Led Zeppelin's Jukebox Is it the band or other people?
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