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  1. Spinner/AOL has a full album listening party for the new Ray Davies album "The Kinks Choral Collection," lots of new version of classic Kinks tunes, combined with a 65 piece choir. http://www.spinner.com/new-releases#/6
  2. So, no BS, I work for a band called Super 400, and critics most often compare them to Led Zep, but also to sound garden, Stone temple pilots, or back door slam. I wouldn't be here if I didn't think led zep fans would dig this band. Their 5th studio album, "Sweet Fist," comes out on Sept 15 and was recorded at Ardent Studios (think Stax Records) entirely on 2inch tape. No Protools, no autotune. listen here: FFMN - harder tunes - http://odeo.com/episodes/24439075-Super-400-FFMN download the single "Flashlight" for free here - http://www.amoeba.com/free-downloads/page1.html let me kn
  3. Have you heard Upstate NY Classic-style rockers, Super 400? Think Led Zep meets Backdoor Slam meets Soundgarden. Their forthcoming release “Sweet Fist,” was recorded at the legendary Ardent Recording Studios in Memphis, home to Stax Records for many years, and used the same lathe that was used on many Stax recordings. It was recorded on 2 inch tape, it’s pro-tools and auto-tune free. “Sweet Fist” hits store on Sept 15. The artwork for the album was created by Klaus Voormann, designer of The Beatles’ “Revolver.” They’ve played SXSW at the After The Jump House Party and the Whoopsy Magazine D
  4. Hey guys, Sister Hazel's lead singer, Ken Block, will be doing his first solo show June 11 at the Social in Orlando. Tickets are $15, and the doors open at 8. This should be an amazing show, so be sure to go to http://www.thesocial.org/index.cfm?date=6/...amp;display=all for show information or visit Ken's website at www.blockville.com! Thanks!
  5. Hey everyone! I just stumbled upon this killer new band and I really wanted to write about them. They’re called Super 400 and they’re a blend of bare bones classic rock with a mix of modern alternative. I heard their new album was recorded on on Analog Tape! You can definitely hear the warmth in the recording. Check 'em out at
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