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  1. I'd like to see a page album but I don't think they need a whole album of Led Zeppelin with all members + jason, it's just not Zep. Without Bonzo in the mix, it's not Led Zeppelin. They ended it in the most beautiful fashion. To make a new album under Led Zeppelin would just ruin that legacy.
  2. That damn whale has taken over my screen!

  3. Everyone knows rock attained it's perfection in 1974, it's a scientific fact! - Homer Simpson

  4. cool. well if u want to add me, here is my url


  5. Yah I will check them out. Are you on myspace?

  6. Hah, I guess so, who doesn't though?

    Heard 'Don't take me alive', or 'Bad Sneakers'?

    If ya haven't listen to em, nao :D

  7. Um...I like "Do It Again". Pretty typical huh?

  8. It's ok, Yeah, I love them, any favorites?

  9. Hey! Sorry it took me forever to respond. Yah SD is a great group. I do like them quite a bit.

  10. Thanks for the add :D

    I saw you like SD, Dan fans are hard to come by. :D

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