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  1. That damn whale has taken over my screen!

  2. Everyone knows rock attained it's perfection in 1974, it's a scientific fact! - Homer Simpson

  3. Hah, I guess so, who doesn't though?

    Heard 'Don't take me alive', or 'Bad Sneakers'?

    If ya haven't listen to em, nao :D

  4. It's ok, Yeah, I love them, any favorites?

  5. Thanks for the add :D

    I saw you like SD, Dan fans are hard to come by. :D

  6. Lucky, they were here in AL the 28th of Feb. But I wasn't able to go Oh, and Blue Oyster Cult set with Extraterrestrial-Live, Blue Oyster Cult, and Fire of Unknown Origin. My next target is Deep Purple - The platinum Collection. Never had much DP.
  7. Yesss, I have the same Mothership shirt, had it on when I left that comment. lol :D

  8. Don't fear the reaper. He seems like the reaper, to me. The mysterious guy. LOL. Plus it's just got that.. classic psychedelic sound. Which also reminds me of Jimmy.
  9. I think a very, underrated, but VERY VERY good song is "You Shook Me" from Zep I. This song has it all: Chilling guitar riff at the beginning. Plant belting out his amazing lyrics. JPJ pulling out this top noch keyboard section. Bonzo adding in his superb drumming skills. Every member of the band completely applies themselves as musical geniuses in this selection. The song has a very professionally strategic arrangement. This song does indeed, not get as much credit as it deserves, clocking in at over 6 minutes in length.
  10. Yes, Aryan is the perfect race. I've heard the lyrics to be "Aryan" "Arianne" and I percieve it sometimes as "Arianwyn". So I don't know, exactly. If "Arianne" "Arianwyn" or "Arienne", used as a name, the name means. "white/ Holy silver"
  11. This would be me. I'm new here also. Just joined today. This is the only pic I have atm. I need to take some more with me Zeppelin t's on
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