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  1. I think Zepheads could be ok... but i usually call Led Zep's fans "Zeppeliani", as you can say here in Italy =)
  2. Life On Mars - David Bowie
  3. Mmh...I play the guitar, I've got a Gibson Les Paul Studio, a Marshall MG15DFX and I use only Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky string My old guitar had a sticker which represented "ZoSo"
  4. Anyways... Jump! Cool Jimmy
  5. Mmh..Jimmy started playin' guitar when he was 13, and this kid actually looks too young
  6. Yeah! I've saved them just the other day... I don't know if this guy is really Jimmy ... ...while I'm almost sure this is him
  7. I'm a big AC/DC fan...ACDC & Zeps are my favourite bands <3 I like all their songs from the first album (the Australian edition) as She's Got Balls or Love Song... I love also Let There Be Rock, Dog Eat Dog, Highway To Hell, Shot Down In Flames, Shoot To Thrill, Hells Bells, The Razor's Edge, Thunderstruck, Stiff Upper Lip, The Jack, Ride On...I could list all my favourite AC/DC songs for hours Unfortunately I couldn't see them in concert (they came here in Italy on the 19th and the 21st of March)...the tickets ran out in 20 minutes! I think Angus Young isn't such a great guitarist, but now he plays better than 20/30 years ago ; he invented his style as guitarist and...he's GREAT! I think also Bon Scott was better than Bri as vocalist, but I like Johnson's voice the same...
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