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  1. Welcome sorry, I'm from Milano, far away from texas...
  2. I'm workin' on Dazed And Consufed, Tie Your Mother Down by Queen and The Man Who Sold The World by David Bowie...(the last one isn't really difficult!on the contrary)
  3. Well, I think Micheal Jackson doesn't suck, but pop music in general is... merdaccia (search the translation ).That's not good music in my opinion
  4. I think Zepheads could be ok... but i usually call Led Zep's fans "Zeppeliani", as you can say here in Italy =)
  5. Life On Mars - David Bowie
  6. Last night I dreamt I watched TV and I heard that Robert Plant had died ...terrible
  7. Mmh...I play the guitar, I've got a Gibson Les Paul Studio, a Marshall MG15DFX and I use only Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky string My old guitar had a sticker which represented "ZoSo"
  8. That's really cool...congratulations
  9. Anyways... Jump! Cool Jimmy
  10. Mmh..Jimmy started playin' guitar when he was 13, and this kid actually looks too young
  11. I'm from Italy...such a terrible place!
  12. Yeah! I've saved them just the other day... I don't know if this guy is really Jimmy ... ...while I'm almost sure this is him
  13. Me, too...how did you get it???
  14. Led Zeppelin laid the fondautions of heavy metal, but heavy metal as kind of music was born later ... Led Zeppelin is a classic rock band, but you can't reduce their music with an only word!!!
  15. Unfortunately I was born 26 later than in 1969, so I couldn't be there XD
  16. I've got some pics of his suits...
  17. I'm 13...I know Led Zeppelin since I was 11, and now I'm a real maniac...
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