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  1. UPDATED! From Henry Smith Q & A on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Henry-The-Horse-Smith-a-Q-and-A-1674831679457966/?fref=ts&hc_location=ufiQ: With regards to Jimmy Page's black beauty that was stolen, have you ever heard any rumours / had suspicions as to who lifted his guitar? Or, is it a complete mystery?HS: Glade to announce the Black Beauty is now back in the hands of Jimmy thanks in part to Perry Margouleff. This happened just a few months ago. It was a happy day for me to see Jimmy get this back.
  2. I stumbled across this footage today of Bonzo backstage at the LA Forum at a Wings concert June 1976 (plus a few other well known guests). Bonham clip starts @ 3.25 http://youtu.be/eTn-F3sjw1w
  3. Interesting, i don't think i've ever seen any pictures of JPJ smoking on stage yet there are 2 in this set. Nice work
  4. Jimmy didn't start up with Charlotte until 9 January 1970, Jimmy's birthday and the date of the Royal Albert Hall gig.....
  5. How cool is that! Awesome find Sam
  6. Cheers Sam. I think for Peter Grant to be dressed up in a suit, it must have been something kind of important to make the best impression. Maybe Beck's presence held more sway, regarding his current success with the JBG at the time????
  7. After a bit of research I think I've nailed it down to October 31 1968. Jeff Beck played a benefit gig for the children in Biafra at the Fillmore East on the 31 October 1968. I believe PG was managing the JBG at the time? Regardless, Jimmy and Jeff were old mates who probably wanted to catch up (I wonder if it was this occasion that Beck first heard LZ1 and their version of 'You Shook Me'??) And the 'mystery man' in the middle I believe is Steve Weiss, Led Zeppelin's US attorney. Also if you look at the official timeline, there is a gap inbetween gigs from October 25 to November 9, 1968, hence Jimmy's presence.
  8. Check out the 2nd verse of the new Chickenfoot single 'Big Foot', 'Got houses of the holy, on the box, I got it all cranked up cause, yeah that shit rocks'
  9. Any idea of the exact date of this picture?
  10. That would be great if you could Steve It would solve/or open up a can of worms about that photo...
  11. I'm after a scan of the centrefold from this mag I bought in 1991, it's since been misplaced/lost, can anyone help? Good Times, Bad Times. The Story of Led Zeppelin
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