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    I really like Led Zeppelin (of course), and can also play the Guitar, Bass, Drums and Piano.
  1. HopMountainMisty

    Favorite song off of Zeppelin I?

    "Dazed And Confused" is the song I chose. I mean, that song is just so powerful.
  2. HopMountainMisty

    What instrument do you play?

    I play the Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums and the Piano.
  3. HopMountainMisty

    Greatest Masterpiece

    "The Rain Song" . That song is just so great!
  4. HopMountainMisty

    Best song off Houses of the Holy

    "The Rain Song" . That song is just so effin' beautiful.
  5. HopMountainMisty

    Songs that should have been on Mothership

    Definitely "Misty Mountain Hop" , "The Rain Song" , "Custard Pie" , "The Lemon Song" and "Celebration Day" . Some of their best songs that were absent on that album.
  6. HopMountainMisty

    Favorite Zeppelin Ballad/Melodic song?

    "The Rain Song" . It's their second best song behind "Misty Mountain Hop" .
  7. HopMountainMisty

    Zep Songs

    Royal Orleans. Worst Zeppelin Song Ever!!!
  8. HopMountainMisty

    Favorite Led Zeppelin Song

    Misty Mountain Hop. Best Song Ever!!!
  9. HopMountainMisty

    Best Song Off Led Zeppelin IV?

    Misty Mountain Hop. That song is so catchy.
  10. HopMountainMisty

    Best Album Cover?!

    My favourite album cover probably has to be "Houses Of The Holy" , because it just seems so mystical and original (gotta' love that album cover).
  11. HopMountainMisty

    Hi, what's happening?

    Cool, thanks.
  12. HopMountainMisty

    Your Favorite Page Guitar Solo

    His best solo is in "Achilles Last Stand" .
  13. HopMountainMisty

    Hi, what's happening?

    Hi, i'm kinda new on this forum and just thought I would say "Hi" . I'm a huge Zeppelin fan and like all of their albums (even Coda).
  14. HopMountainMisty

    Where Are You?

    I live in China.
  15. HopMountainMisty

    Rate the songs on Led Zeppelin IV

    1. Misty Mountain Hop 2. When The Levee Breaks 3. Black Dog 4. The Battle Of Evermore 5. Rock And Roll 6. Stairway To Heaven 7. Going To California 8. Four Sticks It's all great stuff.