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  1. Uhm, where? I still didn't find that much on the forum...
  2. Thanks a bunch! Any info about the instrument?
  3. Hi! This is not a where, when or who question, but a what... What instrument is Jimmy playing? Is this a Mandoloncello? Anybody knows? Oh, btw, I can't find the mystery-thread (am I too stupid?) Can somebody give me the link?
  4. I'm posting here again...Seriously... I don't know when I was here last - and posting was even longer ago... Alright, I hope you're not fed up with my screenshots, but they are the only things I can contribute to here, that people "have not seen" (at least not unmoving...) Ohkay, here are the last two shots of "In my Time of Dying" from Earls Court: I so much love this one! Look at his face... And now, Stairway from Earls Court: Why is Robert saying "Priceless"? And why is Jimmy laughing? (As seen here) Alright, nothing special again... My next project is to fi
  5. Alex, lovely as always! I really like his eyes and hair in this one! Great again! DMachine, absolutely amazing work! I wish I had the patience to draw something like that someday! JohnPaulJesus, those drawings of yours are great! Especially the White Dragon Suit Jimmy got a lot of dynamics. Keep them drawings coming, please!
  6. Thanks so much I had a lot of fun drawing this!
  7. My first vote would go for Joseph Gordon-Levitt (although he looks much more "boyish" than Jimmy), but Carl Barat would be something too. On imdb some people suggested Benicio del Toro, when he was younger...
  8. Thanksss! Ohkay, here's the promised Valentine's Day Drawing, I did for a contest on dA. That idea came really quickly... I only had to think about it for seconds, then the dialogue and all the other stuff popped up in my mind. I drew that on the last day of my skiing holidays. Bonzo's shirt is supposed to be the one with the peacock feathers, but I had no reference photo to work of and I wanted to finish this drawing. Ohkay, Jimmy is holding a book - I don't know what book it is. I just didn't want to leave his hand empty, so I put a black book inside. Uhm...Bonzo seems to want to k
  9. That's great, Aen! I love how you did his eyes, they're so bright! And his physique so elegant...
  10. Heyo! Well, well, well, I did this long before Christmas. It was a drawing for a T-Shirt I gave to Martina as a birthday present on Jan 14th. Well, Jimmy playing "In my Time of Dying" '75 in Earl's Court. I just love it how he moves while playing that song... Sorry for the weird angle of his left arm, but I couldn't manage to draw it differently... This is the t-shirt I gave Martina on her birthday. Left is front-side of the t-shirt, right the back side - I had the text of "In my Time of Dying" printed on the back side. The drawing above is now in a "frame" and given to M
  11. I just know exactly what you mean ^^
  12. Great one, Alex! I love how you always capture his mystique
  13. Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun drawing this (except the Black Beauty... Black guitars are just so hard to colour...)
  14. Choosing one song is hard... I picked "Sick Again", I don't know why. Second would probably be IMTOD and third The Rover... But I love all of these songs!
  15. Hey, people! Good work! Here's mine: Ok, Jimmy's birthday! I did this on his birthday on Saturday around noon and wanted to post it directly afterwards, but then the internet was dying on me. It’s now Monday I know, but it is the first time the internet works for more than just two minutes and I hope long enough for me to post it finally… Stupid Internet… Ohkay, exactly 40 years ago (on Saturday...) was the gig in the Royal Albert Hall - Jimmy's 26th birthday. So this was drawn in remembrance of it - and also in remembrance of his Black Beauty, which he lost shortly afterwards. (by the
  16. Thanks a lot!! I'm sorry that you always have to read, that I think my drawings are bad. I'll try to stop saying I screwed this thing up and screwed that thing up... Ohhkay, tomorrow I need to have a Jimmy drawing finished (I still lack ideas )
  17. DVD release in Germany and Austria, Feb 12th. I can't wait! Maybe I'll order the UK release... (no FSK on the cover...) I'm totally addicted to this film, I'm going to watch it again (the fifth time) on Jan 6th, together with my parents ^^
  18. So, my birthday drawing for Jonesy... Oh well... I screwed it up totally... It doesn't look like him at all and he doesn't get through... I could cry! I'm ashamed of myself for even posting it here for his birthday, but I didn't have the nerve to try again... I'm so sorry for providing you with work I don't even like myself... But, anyway... Happy 64th, Mr. Jones! Oh, I intended his hairstyle to be January 1970, so actually my drawing is for his 24th birthday... What present it might be, he has in his hand...?
  19. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Jonesy! Happy Birthday!
  20. I've watched the film yesterday for the fourth time and it is getting better everytime I see it. I really loved it from the first time I saw it. Not only from a musical point of view, but also from a filmic one. The whole concept and presentation of the guitars and the guitarists was really well done and thought through. Especially the intro of the film, when Jimmy plays Embryo No 1, how the details of the guitars are displayed is just wonderful. And also other shots in the film are overwhelming (after all Guillermo Navarro is one of the cinematographers). One of my absolute favourite parts
  21. Well, these are some news. Although, I don't really think it'll concern me, with living in Austria. Not many people I'm interested in find their way here... But I'm happy for those who are able to see him, if he's going to tour. And, concerning the Embryo No. 1 Video... it's already been removed from youtube - I spent weeks to find it and then I'm not online here for two weeks and manage to miss it!
  22. Good job, Magenta and Zep Head! Keep it up... I have to do a Jonesy birthday drawing today (and I don't even have a good idea...) Oh, don't miss it! This is Cynthia's new Jimmy painting on DA: Jimmy I don't know, if she plans to post it here, but anyway, it's the link for it!
  23. Thankss a lot Lucia and pagemccartney! Merry Christmas to you! Raphaela
  24. Hi! First things first: Diana-loura, that drawing is great! Well, I haven't been here for weeks... But I come back with a Zeppelin drawing (ALL of them, this time!) This is my Led Zeppelin Christmas share. I especially did this for the christmas contest of a Led Zeppelin fan club on deviant Art, but I'm not sure, if there are enough participants ^^ I did it anyway. Well, what does it have to do with Christmas? In Austria it is tradition to have several so-called "Christkindlmärkte" (they also exist in Germany, but there they are called "Weihnachtsmärkte", so "Christmas Markets").
  25. Hi! I'm clearly here not often enough (but I totally lack time at the moment, sorry...) Well, these are five more screenshots from "In my Time of Dying" Earls Court. Hope, you enjoy them! Oh my, that belly, that hand... Well, in fact Jonesy and part of Robert is on this shot too... I love the photos/shots/etc on which you see Jimmy between Robbit's legs Ahhhh, the belly on this photo... I don't have more to offer, sorry, but I hope, you still like it! <°)))>< Blubb
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