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  1. Ah, thanks, those posts made my evening! Next time screenshots'll come again!
  2. Ah, all those are making me drool... I haven't seen one bit of the Outrider tour (I just own the CD, luckily; you can't get it in Austria any more...). Is there a DVD, or just youtube-possibility? Hm, more Jimmy, please!!! Edit: Ohhh, oops, I was looking at page 77 when writing this and there've been all the Outrider photos...
  3. Ok, now it's working... I promised In my Time of Dying screenshots, and here they are (there will be more following soon...) And sorry, they are so blurry again... That belly, can you believe it? That sweat, oh my... And I just absolutely dig the Danelectro... Ah, I love his hair in Earl's Court '75... In movement ^^ Ohhky, now I need to post this photo. I know I have it somewhere from this forum, so it's a repost... BUT, this photo is just so...I can't describe it, really. I had it as the background for my mobile for more than a month (usually I change it every week or so) and I realized, that words like "beautiful", "sexy" or "hot" don't even come close to this photo... It's absolutely, highly erotic. The colour of his skin, his look to the side, his hair, his delicate fingers... Oh my... It's so hard to describe... Oh, btw, I have seen "It might get Loud" three times (two times in Munich and one time at the Viennale - supposedly it is to be released in Austria in some time and then I'll definitely see it again... Who else has seen it? And is there a thread for IMGL? I couldn't find one... Jimmy is just perfect in the film (the film was great, all three of them, and how the film was made - Guggenheim is a genius!). Many of his comment almost made my head burst out in fire Ah, enough of that...
  4. Ohhnoooo, I promised to be back with pics, and now stupid Photobucket is dying on me! I can't get to my albums, suck it! Grrrmpf. Now I'm pissed. I'll try later, then... (Maybe shutting down the computer will help?)
  5. Chosing my favourite is hard... But for I really dig the aesthetic form of the Les Paul and the Sunburst Finish, I chose this one. Second would be the Danelectro! And then the trippy Tele.
  6. Ohhhh... I haven't posted here in such a long, long, long time... And now there 76 pages? Ah, I have to visit here more often... Yesterday I was totally in Jimmy-mood and look through almost all of the photos I have by now. It really always leaves me speechless about how beautiful this man is... Ah, sorry, next time I'll be back with "In my time of Dying"-Screenshots! 'till then! Need a smoke...
  7. Thanks to you all! I could always hug the computer, when I read your comments! (I don't have much trust in my "talents"... so I'm really happy, when others like my drawings!) I don't know why, but somehow drawing Jimmy calms me - drawing Robert cheers me up (I really don't know why...). Drawing Bonzo and Jonesy on the other hand, "depresses" me, because they are so hard to draw. I so much want to draw them all again, but now I lack ideas. Don't know. Maybe next week... Oh, I'm babbling too much again, sorry... Have a nice Saturday night!
  8. Hey, letthesun! Welcome ^^ Nice one! You totally got his facial expression! But maybe you could work on the hair? Ah, I wish I could draw realistic... Since this is not the case, I got two more Manga-drawings from this week. Alright, dear Jimmurs. You notice, where the clothes're from? Yeah, "It might get loud". I wanted to draw those clothes, but I totally suck at Silver-Fox-Jimmy, so I just put a late '69/early '70-Jimmy into the clothes. You noticed, that I mostly draw the 69/70-Jimmy? I love his hair in that time (not that I don't love it from all the other years...). Well, just when I finished the drawing, I noticed, that the guitar-case is too small... Sorry... Oh, title refers, of course, to the line in "Kashmir". And another Jimmy. I don't really think that this drawing is very special, but I think I like it. Jimmy's yummy back-side... I wish I could get his butt better, but this is all I could manage... That man... So, and hopefully I'll finally be able to draw the whole band again (but Bonzo and Jonesy are so hard to draw!) Have a nice Friday afternoon and evening!
  9. Woah, I haven't been online here for long (since I didn't draw... *sigh*...) Aen, those two new are gorgeous again! Lucia can be happy ^^ Katuschka, yeah, my friend is into Manga as well. We both egg each other on to draw more (but I can't at the moment... Only University doodles, and those don't really count). We also read the same Mangas... I need to draw. Really need to. Oh my...
  10. Thanks to you all ^^ I did a Jimmy yesterday (instead of studying) and at first I really liked the drawing. When looking at it today again, it looks horrible. I have to re-draw it, I can't live with it looking so ugly... Oh, you should keep that realistic drawing in mind, I'm sure I shan't ever do it again - or at least not for a long, long time... ^^ CommunicationBreakdown, I would give a lot of things to own a shirt like Robert's in RAH, your father should REALLY treasure it! Ah, there are a lot of Zep's clothings I would want to have (it would even be enough, if it only looks really close...). Always, when my best friend and I look through Zeppelin photos (which happens often), we always shout out, which clothes we would want to have. (I'm glad nobody else can hear us when we do...)
  11. Thank you, Magenta! Naw, I'm not studying art, but ... well, you can't really say it in English, something like "Theatre-, Film- and Media-science". The problem is, I'm not so varied in my drawings. I'm okay with my Manga-Style, but I really can't draw backgrounds for example. Or landscapes, still lifes and stuff. And also, I can only draw, when I'm in the mood for it. Now, I haven't been in the mood for about more than a month - there was nothing new comming to my mind, no good ideas... Plus, I'm halfway happy with the theatre and film thing I study (uh, just remembered I had a test tomorrow - and not studied yet...) Communication Breakdown, the "Song Remains the Same"-drawing is especially lovely! So, I promised one realistic drawing, and here it is. I don't know, when I did this, but it was about a year ago... I used a photo as reference and I was really happy with the drawing at first. But when I look at it now... (this is why I didn't post it sooner...) But I like it. Honestly. I think I got his face in a way... And I managed to make the guitar look really good, I think. Btw, I REALLY would want to have shoes like that (my father had a pair almost exactly looking like that, but of course he trashed them somewhen in the 80s...) Ok, no more babbling...: Wah, I need to draw... Really need to... But studying comes first today (haha...) 'till then!
  12. And the last doodle from last semester... I don't really like this one, it didn't come out so well. But when you can't erase, then you can't correct anything... Anyway, '69-Jimmy (tired looking?) And now, that was it! Oh, I just remembered, that I have a realistic drawing I wanted to post. So, next time then...
  13. Martina, my friend who drew this, sends her thanks! Oh, I so much love her Manga-Style... So, now I'll post the last of my doodles (but anyway, new semester started and there will be more doodles coming...) Well, when I was looking for the "lost Jimmy", I found that I didn't scan all of my last doodles. Now I did, and I'll post them now (there are six of them). Oh, uhm, well, yes. Robert in a dress... Compare it to the photo with Roy Harper. Damn, that man got legs, really... I think I captured him okay. This is a '79-Jonesy, when he had his hair like that. This hair-style (and the one in '72) fit him so well! (plus: my doodle doesn't really look like him...Sorry) Uh, another Jimmy. I so much love that shirt! (Together with all the others ^^) Ah, a day, before I doodle this, I was watching the "Story of the Yardbirds" including their gig in Frankfurt in 1967. The announcer introduced each of the members and when introducing Jimmy, it looks like if Jimmy chews around on a chewing gum with a bored look, but then it sounds as if somebody from the audience calls his name and he nods and smiles... This is the Jimmy I was looking for. I really like how his hair came out on this one - and the expression. It is one of my favourites... Alright, there is only one more... And I need to draw new stuff (with ink and colours...) and first, fnish those two Jimmys I have lying around. And how about a band-drawing? Ah, I need new ideas...
  14. D'uhhh, I need to post this, though it wasn't drawn by me but by my best friend. I asked her permission to do this, because every time she wants to post here on the forum, her computer won't let her, so...I'll do it for her. Well, she scetched the idea in summer already but did the drawing yesterday. Well, when she first showed me, my cigarette fell out of my mouth (seriously, like a bad joke in film...). Ah, I love it! I love how she drew them... Especially the '77-Jimmy with the shades... Hmmmm... Ok, no more talking, here it is: Enjoy! Hope you like it!
  15. racchan

    Where Are You?

    Ich war Anfang September in München und habe (unter anderem) "It might get Loud" angeschaut. Prost!
  16. Uhm, well, I'm a PC-loser and not good at photo-manip and stuff and also producing wallpapers has always been a big secret for me... But some months ago, I did this (and also used it as a wallpaper for some time). It's perfect for the 15.4" screens... Hm, when you're drunk or something equal, it can freak you a little bit out (but only a little bit...). Hm. The strange thing in the "middle" is Robert's hair... Enjoy Heartbreaker_Girl: You open a picture with Paint, then click onto the tab "Picture" (I don't know if it is called that in English, 'cause I have the German version) and then onto "Invert Colours". It looks rather strange. The colours are turned into their complementary colours... I hope I could help you.
  17. racchan

    Where Are You?

    Vienna/Austria. I was always wondering, if there's somebody else from Austria?
  18. It must've been in 1996 or '97 when I was seven or eight years old, that I first (concsiously! Might've been earlier that I first heard it) listened to "Stairway", when my father played it to me. I remember I was very excited about the fourth album's cover and I remember playing the song to a classmate of mine and she really wasn't enthusiastic about it ^^. I also remember that I liked "Golden Earring's" "Vanilla Queen" a lot that time... Well, it then took me some time to get a reasonable sense and taste for music again (I was listening to so much crap for some time... Pathetic...) with, I don't know, sixteen. I really treasure our fourth album's record - it is the first record that my father bought, when he was fourteen. I'm so glad he did, because in Austria you can't be sure to get to know Zeppelin. No radio station plays them (therefor, I hate radio in Austria...)
  19. I'm 20. Turning 21 in December. I wish, I was born earlier...
  20. Thank you very much! I'm very careful with doodling as well. When I don't like it, I immediately draw so many lines over it that it isn't visible any more (^^). I'm now posting the promised "last four" and I remembered, that I had another Jimmy-doodle for sure, which isn't among the four... I need to look it up, because I think it was one of my favourites... Yay, this was the first Manga-Jimmy I ever drew (and it came out so well!) It is still one of my absoluuuute favourites! Ha, I love to write stuff next to my pics... Ah, I remember that this was the first lesson of a lecture ("Text- und Auffühurngsanalyse" = "Analysis of Texts and performances") and the "teacher" told us, we should write a short text about a performance we had seen in the last three months in theatre. My friend and I didn't see even ONE performance and were both sulking in our seats and both stopping to write down the stuff she said and then I started to draw this Jimmy... (Long story, sorry!) Ahaha, my first tries on the dragons... I have one Jimmy-drawing in the Dragon Suit from the back and I remember drawing those two dragons some time before it (sort of a slow approach...). When they came out so well, I also drew a dragon onto the table in the "AudiMax" and the next time I was sitting there, someone had written the words "Nice" below it. I was so happy! Jonesy and Bonzo. I drew both of them, after I did the first Jimmy. The words "Bonzo doesn't like this" refers to the text we should write for the lecture (we ended up going to the theatre especially for it, seeing Czechow's "Three Sisters". The play was great!) Ah, I love the expression of this Bonzo! This is really rare for me to say, that I think I got him on this one... So, I now am going to look for that lost Jimmy... 'till then! ^^ Keep your artwork coming!
  21. Thanks, pagemccartney! Well, then, I'll post more here ^^ Robert and Jimmy... I've written a lot of stuff on that drawing, sorry... Ha, and Robert's "Epic Words"... Huh, a 1970-RAH-Jimmy. I used it as a draft for a "real" drawing (sure is also on this thread, somewhere...) I like the expression "he makes" on this one ^^ Oh my, Jimmy looks so much like a child on this (I'm emberassed...) The words you can see on the pics right side are from a lecture in University called "Theatrum est Opus" (="Theatre is necessary"). It was about the island "Utopia" and that the perfect society should work without alcohol. I almost fainted when I heard this... Huh, what does it have to do with the drawing?... Ah, a quote from the '75 Cameron Crow interview. "I didn't say that. I just said, I didn't hear the head roll." Somehow, everytime I read this, he sounds kind of offended in that sentence... And I wonder if he still was sitting "underneath a blanket" when saying this. Well, I drew him underneath the blanket, so... When I drew this Jimmy, I thought it was totally cute, but now I'm not so happy with it anymore (but I'm posting it? Hm...) Well, at least I really like his hair on this one... So, enough doodles for now. I have four more that'll follow another time... Have a nice day!
  22. LIFE-STYLE ENERGY DYNAMIC ZAPPY ELECTRIC PASSION POWER EXPERIENCE LINE-UP IMMORTAL NUMBER-ONE Hm. Some of them are really strange, but they were the first words, that came to my mind...
  23. Ah, I've seen the film three weeks ago (two times ^^) and I loved it! The film-team really knew, how to put those three and their guitars on celluloid. All the scenes were really beautifully shot!
  24. Well, since I can't draw at the moment (really can't...), I hope you are okay with it, when I post some doodles I did in University. I always doodle in Uni, it would be better, if I listened, maybe I would get better grades in the tests... I doodle a lot of stuff, but also Zep... I'll post some of them here. When you don't like it, I'll stop to post my doodles... Here we go: A Robert doodle. I bet, he loves his hair. Oh, besides, it was my first Robert-Manga drawing. Robert again. The thing I wrote there, refers to "What is and what should never be". The funny thing about this is, that I wrote the word "Artist" below him. Just because. But somedays later, I found this photo of Robert, where he wears a T-Shirt (? I think), on which the word "Artist" was printed. Hihi... A Jonesy. He looks like a woman on that (sorry... Wasn't on intent...) I love his hair in '72! My first Manga-Jonesy! He is so hard to draw... After this pic, I drew a "real" drawing (must be somehwere on that thread...) Ok, I hope you don't mind, that they're doodles with benpall and on lined paper... Have a nice day!
  25. From what I know, only in Germany. I live in Austria and had to travel there, too ^^
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