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  1. Rest in Piece. We will always remember you.
  2. D'uuhhh, it has been such a loooon time, since I posted here (in this thread only one time...?) Uhm, well I have been busy with my holiday work during July and August and then I was on a trip in Munich, where I (*yeahhh!*) watched "It might get Loud"!!! (Since it hasn't been released in Austria...) Oh, the film was just sooo great, I'm glad, I was able to see it! Sooo... The last pics I posted were "Going to California" Screenshots and I have the last two here... And now "In my Time of Dying" ^^ I just love Jimmy on that song... When I was drunk and at my best-friends place, we watched "In my Time of Dying" on the DVD and I suddenly had the urge to say, how hot it is, when Jimmy presses his Danelectro against his body... OMG... Oh, sorry, they are all so blurry again... Hm. I need to get through the thread (but I don't have time for it!! Wah!) Besides, I think the comments will drive me to the brink of unconsciousness again (not to speak of the photos...) Huh, did I just say that? Hm... I'm talking confused again, sorry... Have a nice day, ladies!
  3. Huh, I have a question about a quote: One member of the forum here has (or had, I don't know) this quote by JPJ in his/her signature: "The main memory of that album is pushing Robert around in a wheelchair from beer stand to beer stand!" Can someone tell me which album he is talking about, and WHY Robert was sitting in wheel-chair?
  4. Ähm, I have a question, maybe it has already been answered on this thread (or elsewhere), but I didn't have time to read more than the first two pages... I always wondered, if Robert liked the LotR-films - I tried to find out, but couldn't get no information. Someone has an answer?
  5. Yeaahhh, finally drawing of Aen again! I love them all! Ohhhh, I need to draw again (but I can't...)
  6. Hm, thanks! Ok, here is the promised Little Robert Anthony! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!) Ok, I know that "Angie" is a song by the Rolling Stones and not Zep, BUT the funny thing is, that the Single "Angie" was released on August 20th 1973 - Robbies 25th birthday. Since I found out about that, I always connect "Angie" with Roberts birthday... Strange, huh? And now, another Jimmy. I'm not entirely happy with this drawing. There is something strange about it somehow... The last three days were good for drawing; I did eight drawings. But with Jimmy here... Well I messed up some things. And it isn't the pic I intended to draw... I wanted to do something completely different but failed and then I "decided" on this. I first was thinking about the photo, where he has a tea-cup in his left hand and his feet are visible (bare! I love bare feet!). But then this happened to my drawing... This "suggestive" look on his face... I didn't know, how it suddenly happened, that he looks like it ...inviting... Ooops, anyway! Have a nice day and celebrate Robbies Birthday!
  7. Great posts! Ha, I totally agree, Jimmy is so hard to draw (oh, and the others as well...)! Some time ago I tried to draw Jimmy realistic, but I hopelessly failed, so I'm avoiding it with drawing them all in Manga (but Bonzo and Jonesy are really hard in Manga... Robert and Jimmy are much easier!). Tomorrow there'll be a birthday-pic for Robbie (hope it comes out as I hope...) till then!
  8. Thanks a lot, all of you!!! Yeah, I dig Jimmy on that drawing as well (it is my own... am I flattering myself for the first time in my life???) And moffo, that pic is just great ^^
  9. Nail, so cool again! I did this yesterday night: I really, really, REALLY messed up Bonzo! It doesn't look like him at all! Jonesy is tolerable... First I had so much problems with Robbit and Jimmy, but then they worked out so well! I know, the colours of Bonzo's clothes are wrong, but I had to make them up, because the colours of the reference pic are b/w... The only outfit I'm sure of is Jimmy's, becuase there are lots of other photos with him in that clothes. And I "forgot" the dots on the scarf and the pattern on the "jersey" on purpose. Reference pic: Reference It is really blurry. Off to the "Schweizerhaus". 'till then!
  10. Wha!! Nail, this is so cool!
  11. Hey, JAL! Good to be back her although I have no more time and'll be out any moment.. Thanks a lot! Maybe I'll have more time to spend here in the next weeks...
  12. I haven't been on the LZ forum for weeks. I'm working right now and it really is hard... I'm tired all the time... But I've been doing two more Jimmys. Nothing special or to be proud of, but here they are (those are not the two I had lying around - they still are lying around...): I did this last week. Originally, there shoudl've been a body and guitar as well, but I COMPLETELY messed it up, so I just ripped-off the paper (okay, I commit it was a little bit radical, but it was so hot in my room and I didn't think I was going to manage it the way I wanted, so I just did it...) Nevertheless: I like the face. Ah, that beautiful man... Oh, this is really nothing special... It is a ball-pen drawing I did when I had nothing to do in work. Poor Jimmy's left eye looks strange, indeed, but I like how his body came out... Don't know, when I'll be back... Till then!
  13. Lovely posts, all! Especially yours, Aen, it again is absolutely great! I'm currently working on some more Jimmy, but I'm not really satisfied with it (better, I'm not satisfied with myself at the moment, not at all...) You'll be the first to know, when it is finished! Keep the artistic spirit up!
  14. I'm seriously confused now... I haven't been on the forum for almost a week (oh my, my weekend was a terrible nightmare with writing something for University, on it went on Monday and today and I'm working right now and yesterday I was informed that I'm negative on one of the tests... Seriously, sometimes this weekend I was short before bursting out in tears - but I don't want to bore you, sorry...). I just finished the work I had to do for University and was so looking forward to come back here and then a lot of things have happened... It made me a little bit sad, somehow... I'm really exhausted now, but I think Jimmy'll help (and afterwards a cigarette and a cold ) And when I'm in a better mood (don't know when this might be, seems I'm in a depression right now and reading Remarque doesn't help at all...) I'll be back to drool with you! Ohhkay, I'm continuing with the Going to California screenshots from Earls Court I started in the HPOJ thread: Okay, see you! I'm off for a smoke...
  15. racchan

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Good afternoon! After looking at all those gorgeous posts, my mood is a little bit better. I have a university test on Friday and didn't study for it yet Stupid me... But the posts made my day! Continuing "Going to California". Sorry that those shots all nearly look the same, but I couldn't decide, which I liked most He's just gorgous in all of them! (But I noticed before, that they are all sooo blurry; sorry for that! But I swear, on my laptop they looked better! Weird things are going on...) Okay, now I can't get around studying any longer *sigh* Have a nice day!
  16. racchan

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Good afternoon. It's hot outside - so it is in here. Nice posts, everybody! I enjoy being here - I'm sickish today; I hate that... So, as promised, Earls Court. I can only give you the six songs from the LZ DVD, because the visual quality of the Earls Court DVDs I have is really bad. Starting off with Going to California: I love his face in this one especially the lips More to come tomorrow ^^
  17. racchan

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Hmmm... I haven't posted anything for some time... Some screenshots from Stairway in MSG. I need "shoot" Stairway again - all my shots are totally blurry, I only found five that are not too shamefully blurry to post them here (Jimmy's always moving...): That stupid rain outside seems to disturb the internet-connection (how I hate that...) Oh, thanks for the link Evster, I need to read that interview later... Have a nice evening! (MSG '73 is over, next time starting on Earls Court...)
  18. Thanks, I'm glad I could help ^^ Yeahhh, sure a dream... that'll never be fulfilled... Thanks!
  19. Thanks so much! Ja, ich auch! Der ganze Gedankengang hat mich überhaupt erst darauf gebracht, es zu zeichnen
  20. I don't know, if I can post this here... So I'll insert a link to my dviantArt profile: Jimmy
  21. Wow, they're great as well! Uhm, that picture in the signature... Is it a Hopper?
  22. racchan

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Some more Screenshots... Rock and Roll (I have to make more screenshots of it) And the ending of the film. I think those have been posted before. If yes, sorry: Have a nice day
  23. ^^ Thanks again for that! I should draw Jimmy again, but university is dragging me down at the moment... Maybe drawing Jimmy is goint to calm me?
  24. racchan

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    And the last three for Travelling Riverside Blues: Hmmmmm... the green shirt again...
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