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  1. And in other news, the sun rose in the east today
  2. 1971/1972 are my favorites. First five albums...can't beat that! 1977/1975 least. 1975 too much like 73 except for PG tunes. 77 starts strong but goes downhill quickly!
  3. Mobile 1973. Terrific show from early in the tour (before the debauchery started to seep in!)
  4. http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/led-zeppelins-robert-plant-turns-4595788 "Branson had planned to have the staircase of the Starship jet renamed the Stairway to Heaven after the band’s 70s hit and was going to sell off the back 20 rows of the aircraft as special Led Zep seats for £100,000 each." Sir Richard should have taken a page out Lorne Michaels book and offered Led Zeppelin $6,000, to be split equally 4 ways, with the option to give Jason a little less, to reunite. Maybe then he would have had a fighting chance.
  5. Plant's comment about "2014" had nothing to do with LZ...He has said many times throughout the years that he would be open to working with Jimmy (and probably Jones as well) under the right conditions. That has nothing to do with LZ. There hasn't been a LZ since 1980. Plant has reiterated that point in pretty much every interview since then. The fact that it took Jimmy until 2014 to figure that out is the real travesty here.
  6. Jimmy's going to play next year. Gut feeling. He sounds more definitive then in years past (and, yes, I know we've heard this many times before from him!) My take from his most recent interviews; he seems to know that his time is running out and that the time is now to get out there. I hope whatever he does, however, it's not some parody of once was. He's an intelligent man with a great gift....Surprise us!
  7. Thanks JTM for the first coherent post in this thread in a quite a while. The utter nonsense and Page fanboyisim conveyed in this thread is borderline comical. Page has dedicated a good portion of his post Zep career blaming Robert for crushing everyone's dreams of a tour. Robert finally responds and everyone can't wait to pounce on him for being mean to poor Jimmy. Jimmy wants to get paid and wants control. He is and has been the problem. Read Hoskyns book, it's all in there.
  8. Maybe some "truth" from Robert will inspire Jimmy to get off his ass and do something that doesn't involve reissuing the same material for the tenth time! If Jimmy wants to retire, that's fine, he doesn't owe anything to any of us. If not, maybe he should clue himself in to what almost everyone else already knows & move on.
  9. Any idea why Peter was not at the rock and roll hall of fame induction in 1995? Poor health?
  10. The fascination with the 77 tour never ceases to amaze me. A new soundboard (pre-75) would suffice! Looking forward to this release...The 75 NY run was was a good one (even with Plant's vocal issues). I think Jimmy's OTHAFA solo from the night before is his greatest post-73 solo ever!
  11. Suffice to say that all the members of the band (and entourage) were aware of the situation. Suffice to say that some of those members chose to not attend. Suffice to say that the band at that point was not in the best place -- either physically or mentally -- and inter-band relationships were not terrific. Suffice to say that with the passing of time, if you asked said members if they regret their decisions back in 1977, the answer would be yes.
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