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  2. The weekend cant get here any sooner.

  3. The weekend cant get here any sooner.

  4. The weekend cant get here any sooner.

  5. Im hearing people say they dont like Hot Dog that much but i gotta say that im really starting to like that song.But its really hard for me to name a certain song that i dont like.That is really tough because i dont think there is one. I LOVE them all.
  6. One more week til VACATION!!!

  7. One more week til VACATION!!!

  8. Enjoying this Saturday Night.

  9. Thx for the B-Day wish :)

  10. Cant wait to get this work week over with

  11. Happy Hump Day!!!

  12. Cant wait for the weekend.Even though its been a short week it feels like its been so long.

  13. Even the great ones slip on a banana peel every now and then. Time to move forward and forget about this loss. GO CATS!!!

  14. Bout to go see Little Fockers

  15. We need a stronger 4th quarter.GO CATS

  16. Saturday cant get here any sooner

  17. Yep tonight was pretty damn good ;)

  18. Going to dinner then movies ;)

  19. It should be a crime for artist of another genre to cover timeless classics. I just heard Mary J. Blige covering Led Zeppelin's Whole lotta love and i got sick to my stomach!!!!

  20. Damn now thats a way to end the weekend ;)

  21. Enjoying this weekend so far just wish it lasted longer than 2 days

  22. Id have to go with Tea For one. This song just brings out soo many emotions for me.
  23. Glad its Friday. Bring on the weekend!!!

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