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  1. No relation at all..I asked him the question a few years ago and he said that it started as a joke and they just went along with it.
  2. Sorry to hear the report of the death of Bill Bonham..he has been mentioned on this topic in the past but for those who might not know him have a look here. http://en.citizendium.org/wiki/Bill_Bonham
  3. As most LZ fans are aware the group has a long history with Slade. This FB page just needs liking and/or sharing. Its purpose is just to gauge what,if any ,support their is for the project. If you can spare a few seconds please have a look at this. https://www.facebook.com/sladefilm
  4. PAphotos archive has the pic and description..can't see why they would mock something as trivial as this up.
  5. Missed this for some reason..RP was on a mission.. "15 Nov 1967 : Robert Plant, a nineteen year old Wolverhampton pop-singer visits the office of the Charge d'Affaires of the Republic of China in Portland Place, London, to hand in a letter expressing his interest in the cultural revolution, currently taking place in that country, and offering his services and that of the Band of Joy to the Republic. In his letter he said: "We are prepared to play for a period of time, free of charge, as we feel very strongly about a united world."
  6. A few more from the Derby Evening Telegraph- Friday 9th September 1966 Thursday 3rd November 1966 Friday 4th November 1966
  7. I think it was 1974 when I managed to blag my way into the pub after many years of standing around the offie.
  8. Thought you might like this..taken a few months ago - The original sign from the frontage of the Boat..imagine the tales it could tell :-)
  9. Never been away;-)..just looking in places that Mr Plant doesn't seem to have visited. A couple of questions..1.Who is the person I thought was John Bonham in the earlier pic and 2.did RP ever gig in Scotland pre LZ?
  10. From The Derby Evening Telegraph. Sat 12th August 1967
  11. Sorry..I just accepted what was printed in the paper..schoolboy error
  12. John Bonham recording "I'm a Mod" at the Hollick and Taylor studios in Brum 1964
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