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  1. When I listen to Bonzos strait or usual playing I hear "Buddy Rich" very clearly, the attack, the style, the passion etc. We as musicians are all influenced by many things that we hear or like, I'd be willing to bet that Bonzo was like that as well. Zeppelin as a group was exploring some-what new ground (or at least different ways of doing things) so I'd also have to say that the whole band was being innovative to. I've seen interviews with Rush and they all we’re floored by Zeppelin when they first heard them as teens.... Probably the same way the boys from Zep where aww-struck when they first heard Elvis. I had the pleasure to chat with Jason many years ago, I asked him how often Bonzo practiced, hes reply was.... "Dad was running a farm and didn't take much time to play unless he was with the rest of the band. Two weeks before they went out on the road they would get together and that was about it." Bonzo was an exceptionally gifted person so I think that he was mostly doing his own thing but he had to be influenced by and liked other drummers as he stated in interviews.
  2. Wow! I've not been around here in a while! Lolz!

  3. Got a post on my Facebook wall about today being the 31st anniversary of the last Led Zeppelin live show before Bonzo died.
  4. Nope, not heard back from the folks at Jessee's this year. That was down the street from Jessee's at Caribuo Coffee.
  5. Good luck with that man...lol!! I'd love (for all of us) to hear from Mr Page on this one but I don't think it's going to hapen. I alway's played it as a riff off of a BAR F chord. I admit I've not done a lot of research on the song so I don't know if it's right or not.
  6. This is from the last show I did down in Chaple Hill, NC a few weeks ago. Not a great one but cool looking.
  7. Ummm........Is she from Michigan?
  8. For being down-under. Angus and Malcolm Young. Keeping all the history of the earth safe.
  9. French Toast? Letting Jim Morrison sleep forever with out arresting him. Templar Knight's. Fancy Cooking. Helping us with our revolution against King George. For being a very musical country. Nostradamus.
  10. Yeah, it was at 3 AM here in NC so I missed it.
  11. I got to play on the On Line Beta that came out just before the new Medal of Honnor game, it was grey and dark but good.
  12. Nice, sound's like a great guitar! How does it sound? Got any MP3's up any where?
  13. now it's really got cold outside! winter is here or at least close!!

  14. Ya see there, I told you you where good looking! What kind of guitar is that? I've posted some pictures of my guitars in the Musicians area.
  15. Aww cool!! I like the curtain with Jimmy Page on it! And I'll bet your beautiful so why put a hood over your face? Are you wanted by the cop's?
  16. hi, you want to be Zeppelin friends?

  17. Oh, I sorta figuerd money lenders for shy-lock's ..... Maybe it just seem's that way to me now as I'm on hard luck times.
  18. Being in debt and having no money or job to pay it off with, I have to find some thing to do for money in this hick town.
  19. Would you trust a guy named Bong-Man to fix your toilet ?
  20. rob the golden god has gone back to the early days, getting the band of joy back up again
  21. hello buddy, whats up?

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