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  1. When I listen to Bonzos strait or usual playing I hear "Buddy Rich" very clearly, the attack, the style, the passion etc. We as musicians are all influenced by many things that we hear or like, I'd be willing to bet that Bonzo was like that as well. Zeppelin as a group was exploring some-what new ground (or at least different ways of doing things) so I'd also have to say that the whole band was being innovative to. I've seen interviews with Rush and they all we’re floored by Zeppelin when they first heard them as teens.... Probably the same way the boys from Zep where aww-struck when they first heard Elvis. I had the pleasure to chat with Jason many years ago, I asked him how often Bonzo practiced, hes reply was.... "Dad was running a farm and didn't take much time to play unless he was with the rest of the band. Two weeks before they went out on the road they would get together and that was about it." Bonzo was an exceptionally gifted person so I think that he was mostly doing his own thing but he had to be influenced by and liked other drummers as he stated in interviews.
  2. Wow! I've not been around here in a while! Lolz!

  3. Got a post on my Facebook wall about today being the 31st anniversary of the last Led Zeppelin live show before Bonzo died.
  4. Nope, not heard back from the folks at Jessee's this year. That was down the street from Jessee's at Caribuo Coffee.
  5. Nice to meet you! Stick around and chat for a while.
  6. The day I lost my cherry.... Any one seen it? Been gone since the 1980's, wish it'd been some one different. Could be I'll never see that piece of fruit again. I guess I'll throw in the day I discovered there was more than Stairway to Heaven in Led Zeppelin's catalog.
  7. Looks close enoff to me... Oh, and I said F in the other theard when it's actualy F#..Sorry guys, been a while since I've even tryed this one.
  8. Yup, I've been to Johnston County...ever been to Alamance County? The bigger city's most anywhere will/can be the exception to any large area of local social/cultural behavior. This is because of the vast numbers of people in these metropolises, and there is always a lot of different cultures represented in these large city's too.
  9. The media is the media, I listen to my big toe for all the news on political thing's, sometimes I'll surf thru the Cable Network stations but I don't believe every thing I hear/see on them.
  10. Good luck with that man...lol!! I'd love (for all of us) to hear from Mr Page on this one but I don't think it's going to hapen. I alway's played it as a riff off of a BAR F chord. I admit I've not done a lot of research on the song so I don't know if it's right or not.
  11. I think that I myself have got more adamant at playing as now when I practice, I really get down to doing the whole song and not just playing at it. As for the star's that get older I think it's just that they may be thinking about the end of the line and wanting to leave a better mark as they may think they haven't done as well with the music as they could have in the early year's. Most will sober/clean up too, this is something I've also noticed since I've been clean and sober, I feel better with it then I did when I was really only looking for something to have fun with while I was buzzed.
  12. This is from the last show I did down in Chaple Hill, NC a few weeks ago. Not a great one but cool looking.
  13. I do believe the reason we know so little about the truth of what has happen in antiquity is that there was no real-time way to document thing's besides the written hand. And if you go back to the really early day's when only a small amount of the earth's population could read and write and traveling a long distance was very dangerous unless you could afford protection. Well you can see where I'm going with this right?
  14. I hate to say it....but there all true....my home state, backwards and behind but it's ok they put up with the likes of me so I cant complain.
  15. Im a solo act so I just do my own thing and try not to screw it up too much.
  16. Looks like he's going to be a honest man soon..Nice, all the best to the two of them!
  17. Think of it as English, the way we here speak it in the state's as a derivative of the language spoken in England and most of the UK. Some people still choose to speak the older Gaelic & Celtic word, but I'm sure that the majority of folks in the UK speak English. As for the accent's of a language, you can have a pronunciation difference but most every one still speaks the same language it's just the level's of barometric pressure in different part's of the land's altitude (every where) where you will sound different. If you move from one area to another your body will physically change and your vox chords will be affected by the new atmosphere and you'll sound like every one else there if you stay there long enough. It's not as dramatic a change as if you'd been there all your life but your voice will change some.
  18. Correction...Dr. Feelgood was 1989 Decade of Decadence was 1991...My bad.
  19. Good to hear you doing better my friend... We are all thinking about ya!
  20. No offense but, is it easy to live a life of so many language's to speak? I know I myself would be very confused as a child if I was forced to speak more than one language and not to mention the culture that really should go along with it. Because in the end the words are little more than word's with out the culture that it represents. Just asking.... As for the word's I speak, it would be the English we commonly speak here in North Carolina (USA), there's also a lot of Spanish classes in the school's here now. If you go to a 4 year college you have to take a foreign language to get your BA. I myself would be lost with out my spell checker as I'm bad at grammar, even with my love of writing I can't get far with out a proofread and a good thesaurus. English is most likely one of the youngest spoken language's on earth but if I remember my history it's got a lot of old and new Latin, German and French in it.
  21. Same tank of gas is in my car from last month, it's getting low but I can make it last a bit longer if you like.
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