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  1. Hmm okay... -I'm dating my best friends ex girlfriend -I sail -Drawing gets me hard
  2. Just earned enough extra cash to get a Zep record.
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    Howdy, new member here. Long time listener of Zep, (long time for me atleast) I've been listening to their music for about eight years now. I got hooked when I was ten and have not looked back. Bit about me self, I'm 17 I live in British Columbia, Canada. I declare my self a freelance graphic designer/artist. Love to draw and just do my thing. For those of you who use Winamp, I make Winamp skins as a hobby. If your interested PM me. Just got my self a Turntable so I can listen to Zep on it of course. Don't exactly have the records yet but I hope to soon. Yup... Oh yeah! Panca
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