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  1. ^^ Any respectable person would disagree with that last statement.
  2. Isn't it on the Led Zeppelin DVD?
  3. Considering Heart came out with Barracuda in 1977, they used the galloping baseline straight from ALS.
  4. I am pretty sure Led Zeppelin produced numerous albums after Houses of the Holy.
  5. Are we talking about lyrics or vocals?
  6. Trampled Underfoot easily has the best lyrics ever.
  7. I have lost all hope in other Led Zeppelin fans because they are so dense.
  8. I guess I can't say that I have met the media.
  9. Considering that they had less time to produce Presence than any other album (except LZ I), they weren't able to incorporate "different styles" (whatever that means) and the circumstances didn't allow for JPJ and Bonzo to have as much input into songwriting. Also, I think a great injustice is done by comparing Tea For One and Since I've Been Loving You in any respect other than that they are blues numbers. The tracks on Presence sound nothing like their other albums, so I think you should admire "Led Zep's ability to explore new sounds" in Presence. Describing an album as "weak" has essentially no meaning. The energy put into Presence could arguably surpass all of the other albums. So if you are looking for evidence of Led Zeppelin "forging ahead" (again, whatever that means), you need to look no further, because Presence contains the proof.
  10. You could make an ad campaign for a hypothetical Led Zeppelin tour, researching the demographic you would want to appeal to and making advertisements.
  11. It is basically indecipherable, but this is my best guess. Someone (probably Bonzo) : Is everybody goin? Someone else (probably the sound engineer): We would like it.
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