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  1. I think the occult rep is inextricable from LZ's appeal - and I say that as someone who's closely analyzed the mechanics of their live and recorded music, and who likes to play their songs on my guitars. Maybe today someone new to the band wouldn't know or care much about all the theories, speculation, and enigma that circled around them in their prime years and after, but for fans who got into LZ in the 1970s and 80s, it would have been almost impossible not to know about Crowley, back masking, soul-selling, etc. I know I've plugged these here before, but I go into some detail about this question in two of my books: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07NCR1TS6/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_tkin_p1_i4 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016MVX5ES/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_tkin_p1_i1
  2. I'm reluctant to weigh in on this topic without any personal connections to the people involved, but I'm thinking: Jimmy Page occasionally spoke of his parents and upbringing during the Zeppelin years and after. I don't know when the parents were alleged to have split, but assuming Page Senior remarried no earlier than the mid-1960s (and Jimmy Page said he was still living at his parents' home during his session player days of 1962-65), Karen Page Errington would have been a young teenager in 1980 when Jimmy Page signed the tour sweater, and in her fifties today. Certainly possible, although it's at least a twenty-year age gap between the half-siblings. I also see on KPE's FB page the introduction, "Sister of James Patrick Page Led Zeppelin," which is an unusual way to identify yourself. It could well be that the claimed family connection is legit, even with the celebrity factor (John Lennon's half-sister wrote her own book in 1988), but, like the Lori Mattix story that someone recently deconstructed here on the Forum, I'd like to have a bit more authentication before this gets widely accepted by the fan community. Similarly, I keep hearing that JPJ was born John Richard Baldwin, even though I'm pretty sure he once told an interviewer (Steve Sauer?) that was originally just John Baldwin, and that it's not an uncommon thing to have no middle name. This is all extreme trivia, but still...
  3. GeorgeC

    Official Mascot

    At least the article noted that the froggie was at risk of being Trampled Underfoot...A true Misty Mountain Hopper. There must be other LZ - reptile jokes to add here.
  4. Isn't that also Chris Spedding beside Jonesy? This isn't really one of Macca's better moments...Which means it's still better than three-quarters of anybody else's music.
  5. Hi Zep people, Just wanted to give a heads-up on my latest music-related title, Takin' Care of Business: A History of Working People's Rock 'n' Roll. It's heavy on the AC/DC, Skynyrd, and Springsteen, but there are numerous LZ references scattered throughout, and I was fortunate enough to get a useful quote from LZ.com's own Sam R, about the diverse community of fans logging in and opinionating here on the message board. It's out in ebook right now and a print copy will be available in a couple of weeks. I hope some of you Simple Men (and Women) will take the Highway to Hell and check it out...During these polarized times, it might be Just What the Doctor Ordered: Takin' Care of Business
  6. I-like-the-hyphen-It-gives-off-an-old-timey-vibe-that-works-for-LZ...sort-of-like:
  7. Just wanted to pay tribute to this graphic designer - you may not have heard of him, but I guarantee all of us here have appreciated his work, which has helped define the Led Zeppelin identity for decades. The author of this linked article consulted me on Bush's ties to the Hipgnosis firm: http://www.eyemagazine.com/blog/post/in-memoriam-bush-hollyhead
  8. This is a really solid piece of research on a topic that's usually glossed over. Glad to see one of my Zep books mentioned; I also addressed the story (and some of Lori's inconsistencies) in my LZ FAQ. I've often suspected that the story she gave for Hammer of the Gods was an example of chequebook journalism. Though there's little doubt that Page and the band went through a lot of partners back in the 1970s, it's clear that some of the partners' accounts have subsequently been much exaggerated to bask in some of Zeppelin's still-reflecting glory.
  9. Why, why, why? I prefer my LZ remote, mysterious, unhyped, and uncommercialized. They can't need the money the licensing of their name and iconography brings in, and I doubt the surviving members would have sold off their rights to approval of stuff like this. 😞
  10. Nice to hear Mick and Jimmy talking - pretty discreetly, I'd say - about Stones and Zep history. And now I know that morning radio shows are as inane in the UK as in Canada and the US.
  11. I think this is pretty damn cool. Somehow I'd thought Rich Grech was on this? But you can definitely hear Pagey's solo near the end. Must have been a hell of a party.
  12. I saw similar Beatles-themed Hot Wheels in my local big-box grocery store; I don't think these will be particularly rare. Obviously the days of Peter Grant jealously controlling the licensing of LZ products are long gone. Maybe it's not the worst thing in the world, but it looks like the surviving members and their legal advisors - or whoever has the final say on such matters - have decided that the revenue from trademark deals (e.g. the Cadillac commercial, the Jimmy Page figurines, movie soundtracks, etc.) is worth any sullying of the band's reputation. Zeppelin music and imagery, whether authorized or not, are so familiar by now as to practically be in the public domain anyway. Perhaps the artists just figure they ought to get in on a market that's going to exist with or without their approval. Still... https://georgecaseblog.wordpress.com/2014/05/29/everything-still-turns-to-gold/
  13. I read the Uncut issue Hercoflex posted above (standing at the rack while grocery shopping). Page doesn't say much new, and even his familiar stories about discovering the guitar as a kid sound pretty rehearsed, but the interviewer actually asks some surprisingly pointed questions, including about the occult, Page's lack of any new Plant-like career direction, and Lori Mattix. They all get a "No comment," but kudos to the guy for trying.
  14. GeorgeC

    New Peter Grant Book

    Just finished this one; not overly impressed. I didn't get a lot out of it that wasn't already in the Chris Welch book from 2001, and though Blake was obviously able to contact a lot of sources including Grant's adult children and various ex-Swan Song employees, it still seems like a familiar sordid story: hardscrabble upbringing, big success, decadence and drugs, finally making peace. The more I read about LZ's business workings especially, the less respect I have for their organization as a whole. There were a lot of talented artists in that era, but whether or not they built durable careers seems to have depended at least as much on their management team as the actual music. I've made the same point in some of my rock 'n' roll books, and in this blog review of Barney Hoskyns' LZ oral history: https://georgecaseblog.wordpress.com/2014/10/24/led-to-believe/
  15. I don't know much of their work, but this blows my mind:
  16. I think I've posted this satirical blog post here before, but it may be relevant in this discussion: Future Zeppelin releases?
  17. In some of my JP / LZ research I speculated that the "Coco" Page referred to was Corrine "Coco" Schwab, David Bowie's longtime personal assistant. I don't have any solid proof of that, except that Page and Bowie knew and spent time with each other (not always healthily, shall we say), and Page's dragon and poppy suits are somewhat "glam" in the same way as Bowie's mid-70s outfits. Perhaps your research can uncover something more substantial.
  18. Whatever Hardie's views of it, LZI is still one of the great album covers of the era when album covers mattered. I go into some analysis of the image on pgs. 205-208:
  19. One new controversy arising from the trial is the press's insistence that the "myth" of STH being written at Bron-yr-aur has been "exploded." But I'm wondering, who's ever said that the song was completely written by Page and Plant in Wales? My understanding is that Page brought the earliest run-throughs of the song from Wales to Headley Grange, where it was more fully arranged with Jones and Bonham, and that the final recording was perfected at Island Studios in London, where Plant added his complete set of lyrics. So what's this "myth" of the work being created, music and words all, in the Welsh countryside?
  20. For what it's worth, I think comparing the size of the venues the two bands played, or the attendance therein, or even the number of records they were selling, is a false distinction. They weren't having contests where punters had to choose either one of the other, and the capacity of whatever stadium or festival where the acts appeared would have been incidental to more practical factors: schedule, availability, promoters' fees, touring logistics, etc. I can only imagine Richards and Page reading through these posts (very unlikely, but let's just speculate) and having a good laugh. "Long way from the Birmingham Blues Fest in 1962, eh, mate?" "You said it, gov'nor...And what was the name of that bird we both shagged in 1971?...Crikey, my arthritis is bad today..."
  21. Damn, I'm going to keep posting this until a musically literate judge throws the whole thing out:
  22. I was no fan of Harper either, but I didn't like the pile-on of hate for him. It reminds me too much of the way some of the American conservatives talk about Obama ("He wants take away our freedoms," "He's a secret Muslim socialist," etc.). Can't we just go back to saying we disagree with his policies and we'll support another party? Why does every disliked leader turn into the worst tyrant in history? More here: My blog post
  23. This may have been seen before, but here's a link to my Facebook page where I break down the musical nuts and bolts of the controversy. Your witness, Messrs. Page & Plant: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153039409943797
  24. I get that comparison with $immon$. A great band, no doubt, but that History of the Eagles doc nearly turned me off them. More here: https://georgecaseblog.wordpress.com/2015/01/16/victim-of-self-love/
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