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  1. No Quarter from the P&P tour in las vegas 1998. But there are to many good solos of him.
  2. I would like to see some real filmed footage from the P&P tour 1998. There is only the Cologne one and Vegas show.
  3. Maybe we see something new when the day comes where will say that "Lucifer Rising or Death Wish 2" will re-released....maybe....
  4. For the one year celebration of his website, he will put online his new album.
  5. What about the Mannheim 1980 SIBLY solo?
  6. Jimmy can still play! The only problem is practice! Look at the tours in 98 or 96. He can! Believe me! If they had toured in 2008, like in 98, Jimmy would play on another level, like at the O2 show!
  7. Maybe the day has come now, that Jimmy has no ideas to pick up the guitar again. Like he said in IMGL at the end.
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