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  1. I think it is time for Jimmy something from these box sets to announce if it will see the light this year.
  2. Look at this, can you tell me something about it? Looks like the Teenager Cancer Trust gig, but i thought he didn't play a song with Robert together.
  3. I think it would be nice if jimmy would bring to every remastered album a extra dvd with some film footage from the songs. What do you think?
  4. Boring questions. Nothing about the box set release ...
  5. I want some answers about led zeppelin and jimmy page. The new projects of plant are only a piece of shit. My opinion...
  6. Is it a normal gig from Roy Harper in October or some special event at Royal Festival Hall?
  7. What do you think? Maybe we see him again then? Roy Harper did a gig to celebrate his 70 birthday too. But time will tell...it would be a big surprise.
  8. Found this picture on facebook, maybe someone can tell something more about this. Maybe there is some audio-footage? When did Jimmy play there?
  9. We will never see a solo album of Jimmy Page or a live performance again. It is true i think!
  10. Why wont jimmy release a dvd from the page and plant tour or with the black crowes?
  11. Will Led Zeppelin play a second one off gig in Glastonbury 2014?
  12. No Quarter from the P&P tour in las vegas 1998. But there are to many good solos of him.
  13. I was at his house today but he come not out of it. i think he is retired. He was travelling with his daughter Scarlet in london last time. We wont see anything new.
  14. Do you believe him that he and Jimmy play guitar sometimes together?
  15. "Exclusevely information of Bon Jovi – New Jersey: The Golden Decade Blog, reports that Richie Sambora will have a really special guest in his live concert in London! The guy who will perform along with King of Swing in London, is a good friend of him, they hang out, they visit concerts together, they go out for dinner together, they even play guitar together sometimes in his friend’s place. They visit each other whenever Richie goes in London & they are in general really close friends! We’re talking about Sambora’s Guitar Hero, the legendary Jimmy Page! Jimmy Page, will perform live in London next to Richie Sambora during Every Road Tour" http://thegoldendecade.nea24.com/?p=190 ???
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyTtsKrhdgk hear at 6:30 till the end.
  17. That will be some old new remastered Led Zeppelin stuff and no new Jimmy Page material for a solo album.
  18. Hey guys, just saw this: http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/jimmy-page-and-robert-plant/1998/drumquinna-hotel-county-kerry-ireland-3bd0f490.html Can somebody tell something more to this? Didn't know that they played there, some covers. Maybe some audio footage is there...? Cheers
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