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  1. I would like to see some real filmed footage from the P&P tour 1998. There is only the Cologne one and Vegas show.
  2. Saw it live and i think jimmy has problems with his legs when he is going
  3. Yeahh i like it, guitar playing must be dirty. Jimmy can do it all.
  4. I have read on Jimmys Facebook page that he will show us a new on this day special next year. :-)
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5l0q-OC7d4 Jimmy plays the lead guitar, like he is not human....so amazing !!! What do you think?
  6. Yeahh a tour where Jimmy plays again the Heartbreaker solo. Hahaha
  7. Do you guys really think, that Jimmy will release something next year as a solo album?
  8. It would be great if he would do something NOW....He said it every year, and then NOTHING
  9. Could you send me a pm please? That is amazing :-)
  10. Do you think that they will play some songs together? I saw on youtube, that every year, the bands perform there.
  11. Jimmy Page, the best guitarist still in time. Best movie ever!!
  12. I think Jimmy will surprise us in the next year, with some new music and tour. He is self inspired from watching himself on the Celebration Day film. I believe him this time.
  13. Hope that it will see the light soon.
  14. I like SIBLY on it, bad that we can't see the full band on it.
  15. Black-Dog

    black dog O2

    This guitar solo, its just so powerful and amazing. This tone, yeahhhh
  16. Yeahh Heartbreaker would be cool with the Bouree part
  17. Hey guys, maybe you can help me? I have a new guitar, a "Epiphone Black Beauty Les Paul". I want the sound of the Royal Albert Hall with this guitar, like in C'mon Everybody. I have a Vox VT40 Valvetronix amp, maybe you know a good setting for this sound? Cheers!
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