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    My List: Page&Plant - Mexico 1995 Page&Plant - Bizarre Festival 1998 Page&Plant - Milwaukee/Irvine 1995 Page&Plant - Washington 1998 Page&Plant - Austin Texas 1995 Page&Plant - Live in Japan 1996 Page&Plant - Live in Buenos Aires 1996 Led Zeppelin - Live in London 2007 Led Zeppelin - Live in Seattle 1977 Led Zeppelin - Live in Earls Court 1975
  2. Robert sang Innuendo horrible. I think he disremembered the songtext in the middle of the song. Crazy little Thing Called Love was great from him.
  3. I play now 6 years guitar. I was influenced by Ritchie Blackmore and Jimmy Page.
  4. Blackmore is a good guitarist, but he often play bad solos in the songs. Thats my opinion. Jimmy has everytime awesome solos. A lot of people say that the STH solo is the best of all time.
  5. Black-Dog


    Hey, do you collecting some Bootlegs of Led Zeppelin? I would be happy if someone list his concerts. Cheers
  6. The Song Remains The Same - Led Zeppelin
  7. Jimmy can play acoustic guitar very well. (Rain Song, Bron-Yr-Aur, Thats the Way...) He can play slide-guitar very nice. If you see In my Time of Dying (Earls Court) or What is and What Should Never be you are agree with me. Jimmy play with soul, you will agree with me if you hear the song Stairway to Heaven from the MSG, or Tea For One 1996. Then, Jimmy is a brilliant blues-player. Since I've been Loving You is the argument for it. At last, Jimmy can play fast as Ritchie. Dazed and Confused from the MSG 73 say all of it. He is the greatest for me. Do you agree with me?
  8. Blackmore is not better than Jimmy. I think they are both good. They have two different styles.
  9. Slash is a good guitarist, but he is not as a good as Buckethead or Jimmy Page.
  10. I read this news yesterday. Great! Does somebody know, which songs he play?
  11. He has influenced so much guitar players. I think he is the best rock guitarist, together with Ritchie Blackmore. They are the only one who compared hard rock with blues or classic.
  12. I think they played Tea For One never live, because Since Ive been Loving You was a popular live song. The people love it. I like the version of Tea For One from the Japanese Tour very much. Jimmy is amazing.
  13. Yesterday I bought the DVD in amazon.de It will come in February. You can see the full movie in youtube.
  14. Hello, i saw the page and plant show in tokyo "tea for one". brilliant song. jimmy play a awesome guitar solo. the 1996 japan-tour was the greatest. i think he is the best guitarist.
  15. Black-Dog

    Top Five?

    I haven't not really a top five, because it changes from day to day. My favourite songs are: Achilles Last Stand Black Dog Since I've been Loving You Whole Lotta Love Stairway to Heaven
  16. Nice. But, Paul Rodgers 2??
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