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  1. I want this fu***** o2 show on blu-ray dvd!! Not more other old shit re-released again!
  2. I think so. Final rehearsal before the show. Maybe someone could say it right.
  3. Yes, i think it too. This is the soundcheck from the 10th December i think.
  4. I've read somewhere that the final soundcheck rehearsal was taped. Do you know something about it? Is it true? Led Zeppelin-Reunion Show Soundcheck Setlist Good Times Bad Times Ramble On In My Time Of Dying No Quarter Nobody's Fault But Mine Cheers!
  5. Yes, i have these shows too. The last two, were the bests. The Roseland shows were a disaster. Maybe, someone knows more?
  6. Is there more video stuff from this tour, or is it only the Wantagh show? I'm searching for more concerts from this tour in video-source. I saw a snippet on youtube from this: Is there more?
  7. Date March 4, 2002 Location Epsom, Surrey, England Venue Epsom College Start Time 2:00PM Setlist 1. Subterranean Homesick Blues 2. Grinder 3. Wherever I Lay My Hat 4. Unknown song Notes: The College was fundraising in support of the Casa Jimmy: the Task Brazil Project. Mr and Mrs Page were at the College from 2pm until the concert finished late in the evening. Jimmy played 4 numbers with the pupil / teacher band.
  8. You can download it on "dimeadozen". I saw only a short video of Jimmy with ABC Trust i think on youtube, with his wife Jimena.
  9. I know. They did a awesome version of dazed and confused. Jimmy was in good form. He could do it again.
  10. Is there any audio source from this gig today on his site?
  11. How is it with the payment? I'm from Germany. Will there come a billing or something?
  12. Lucifer Rising as a download?
  13. Why always on vinyl?? I don't have a player for vinyl. We are living in 2012....
  14. I can't find the old album from this, with setlist. Would be interesting to compare this two releases.
  15. That sucks! Nothing new. Boring shit!
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