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  1. when i first posted i tried emphasis that they are not easily placed into any catagory. ands some people say hard rock, but i think they are just so much heavier than that. Also i when we think about metal we think about metal bands like Pantera, Metallica, or Slipknot, i know Zeppelin doesn't sound like they do and im glad, but to me they were one of the first metal bands, i think that the metal sound has evolved so much people hesitat to call them metal, but its the same with classical music, earlier classical music is just as different from later classical music as Zeppelin is to modern met
  2. I have come over this question quite often while web surfing, and have heard many different responses to the question. I hear modern metal fans say no, while they calamour over Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple as the first metal bands. I have also heard many stout Zeppelin fans say no they are not metal, and i know some of you will be disgusted with thinking about them this way, especially when it is just so much easier to call them hard rock. But i am going to make a case on why they should beconsidered one of the great grandfather metal bands pre-dating Sabbath and forming roughly the same tim
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