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  1. Not insulting you mate, just your music shop. No matter where you are from, you shouldn't be paying more than $5 for a set of slinkys. Buying in bulk will save you on shipping. It's nice to support the local economy, but if they are robbing you blind, screw em.
  2. This guy plays it properly note for note but does not obtain the tone at all. The clue that it's not played with a slide are the pull-offs. For years I had myself half-convinced that it was a synth because it has such a unique tone. When I say "tone" I mean guitar, amp and effects combination, not necessarily playing technique. *I just listened to it again and if you listen very closely at the very end of the solo you can hear someone shout "Yeah!" in the studio. Apparently they thought it was pretty cool too!
  3. First off, it's a cello bow. Second if you're paying $10 for a set of Super Slinkys you need to find a new music shop. The MSRP is only $8.50 and no one (except you) pays suggested retail. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Ernie-Ball-222...780-i1122277.gc
  4. I'm not talking about how he played it live. I don't care how he played it live. In my opinion "Tangerine" was a song best left off the set-list; it's not a song that lends itself well to Zeppelin's three-piece live configuration. He did not use a slide in the studio. However, that is beside the point. I'm interested in his tone, not his playing technique.
  5. So what is your theory? I believe he's using his neck pick-up and tone knob on 0 (there is no pick "pluck"). I've gotten close using a Big Muff Pi through an Orange with the gain wide open and the tone knobs scooped and the presence wide open.
  6. I think people are confused by the prominent pedal steel used throughout the song. The solo is definitely NOT played with a slide.
  7. The Les Paul is a great instrument but is bit of a one trick pony... For anything from buttery clean to nasty crunch and feedback, my Thinline Tele cannot be beat.
  8. Sorry, no slide. He is fretting and bending. I'm not concerned with his playing technique; this is a very simple solo that even a beginner could play. What has absolutely consumed me is the tone; the way the guitar sounds. It is absolutely ethereal.
  9. A compressor / sustainer pedal for an electric guitar limits the volume of the guitar and allows a "clean" tone to have sustain. Think of Robbie Blunt's work with Robert Plant back in the eighties (Big Log, Ship of Fools, Lay Down Your Arms); that's what a compressed electric guitar sounds like. I am unaware of Page ever using compression in his signal path...
  10. How does Page get that tone? I've obsessed over this solo ever since I first heard the song thirty years ago. Fuzz Face with a pitch shift? Did they even have a pitch shift in 1970? A friend thinks it's an overdub of a second guitar played an octave up. I think it's too perfect to be an overdub. Is he using his Orange amp on this one? If this has been asked before I apologize. Being a noob I can't figure out how to search topics...
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