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  1. Tags along this photo were: Jimmy Page, Mick Ralphs, Jim Laspesa
  2. Somebody asked that once on the forum, and I think it is Capricorn, like his horoscope sign.
  3. Disclaimer: I don't own any copyrighted material posted above
  4. A lot of info about the movie itself and some interviews with KA can be found here http://alsolikelife.com/shooting/2009/02/956-98-lucifer-rising-1972-kenneth-anger/ For those who want to get it deeper.
  5. Since PlanetPage asked me. Here is a bigger picture of 10/29/11
  6. This is nice. Now I miss summer. Hope you can spend some great time here with your dog. Oh and good luck with fishin
  7. Another great photo brspled. It looks calm and soothing, but yet powerful showing you what is nature capable off. Like the wind made this stone in to that shape. I am trying. I have photography as on of the subjects on my college, and of course taking as much photos is essential
  8. I must say that I really like photo of a boat that is place in the upper right corner. Composition is just great. Diagonal really made for a boat to pop up. But I have noticed something. I see that in both screen shots that aen and LedZep342 posted, small photos are in rounds and text is rather “oriental“ font. Here on my comp when I check website, for me text is sans serif, and small photos are in squares not rounds. Anyone else has the same situation? I can post it here.
  9. Agree on that. Keep on with good work
  10. Here is my Flickr page, I would appreciate some opinion, Thanks My link
  11. I just had to add, that I liked above entry so much. It was really a pleasant surprise. To see the world through Jimmy's eyes. Really amazing how he decided to show us more of his collections from traveling. Oh and good job aen, thanks for photos
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