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  1. I have a niece that I called an old soul when she was a baby. She was just a tiny thing in a "bouncy seat", but she'd look at you like she knew everything about you already! Both of my nieces and my sister came over today, which is what made me happy. I had lots of quality time with my other niece-playing piano (just a few notes-I can't play but could plunk out what she asked me to-she can make up original melodies, which I never could, and she's a lovely singer), and talking to her while she drew me a picture. I'd be happy to spend every day with them. They go back to school Tuesday.
  2. We finally got Krispy Kremes up here several years ago, and then they closed all of them! But it's just as well, as I'm supposed to be eating low-fat. I have found Kemps fat free frozen yogurt, which to me tastes as good as regular ice cream, so I can still get my sugar fix.
  3. ZPN

    Oh CANADA!

    I don't know about the emoticons, but I've had trouble when I've tried to change font size, color, style or do bold type on here.
  4. Nothing But the Water-Grace Potter
  5. ZPN

    Oh CANADA!

    I'm not Canadian, but I'm to the point where I wish I was. The people in this country (US) are freaking me out! If I had the money, I'd move there, ay. BTW-I love the movie "Canadian Bacon". It's hillarious.
  6. Night Train-Bruce Cockburn
  7. Morning Dew-Robert Plant
  8. Young Boy Blues-the Honeydrippers
  9. I wanted to go to Playing For Change when I heard they'll be here in Nov. But by the time they add fees it was almost $50/ticket. I can't afford that.
  10. Dancing in Heaven-Robert Plant
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