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    I've watched Michael Moore's films, I like them, and I am not a communist, an anarchist or anti-American, nor do I surround myself with people who are. As to him being a "fat fuck", I am fat too. What does Moore's (or anyone's) weight have to do with anything? Wouldn't you ask that if I called Limbaugh a "fat fuck"? You can only push people so far, Steve, before they shove back. Either I'm gonna quit this place, or I'm coming back and taking my verbal gloves off. No, I won't do that. Decent people who come here (and Led Zep and Sam) don't need to be dragged into the gutter. I'm done, because I
  2. HA! Actually I don't watch much of the original Trek (was a big fan of The Next Generation-I just saw Nemesis for the first time, and I didn't know THEY KILLED DATA! Nooooooooooooo!), but for some reason when I saw GT, that's the first thing that popped into my head. Maybe because I listen to Stephanie Miller & he's been an occasional guest. Also Steph's Emmy Award Winning Voice Deity, Jim "Louise" Ward, impersonates George. Thanks for the link to the list of acronyms. I sometimes abbreviate things-the other night when I was on here, I abbreviated The Last Temptation of Christ as LToC (a
  3. I thought his hair was CUTE then-even a mullet looked good on Robert!
  4. Stones in the Road-Mary Chapin Carpenter
  5. Sometimes Dead Can Dance/Brendan Perry does it for me too.
  6. I have a niece that I called an old soul when she was a baby. She was just a tiny thing in a "bouncy seat", but she'd look at you like she knew everything about you already! Both of my nieces and my sister came over today, which is what made me happy. I had lots of quality time with my other niece-playing piano (just a few notes-I can't play but could plunk out what she asked me to-she can make up original melodies, which I never could, and she's a lovely singer), and talking to her while she drew me a picture. I'd be happy to spend every day with them. They go back to school Tuesday.
  7. We finally got Krispy Kremes up here several years ago, and then they closed all of them! But it's just as well, as I'm supposed to be eating low-fat. I have found Kemps fat free frozen yogurt, which to me tastes as good as regular ice cream, so I can still get my sugar fix.
  8. Duh-maybe I don't know this because I'm not a texter, but what does IMO mean? I've seen it before, but didn't know what it meant. As long as I'm asking, what is GTC (George Takei Central?). Thanks.
  9. Perhaps I should change my name from ZeppyNetters to Ravenous for Robert... I think Robert predominantly grabs my senses, John Hiatt resonates with my emotions, and Peter Gabriel intrigues my mind & soul, or whatever you'd call curiosity about the mysterious (he's in a realm that I haven't touched yet myself-I think of him as almost a prophet-but I would love to know how to get there). Those 3 guys touch on all of those elements (senses, emotions, mind, soul), but they each affect me in different ways. Thank God for music-I'd be a complete wreck without it! It's like a lifeline. Afte
  10. Good God I almost had one watching that. Don't know why it's such a big turn on for me,'cause his voice alone is enough to scorch you. And the smile. With that sleeveless t/playing guitar, it did show off those arms. He should play the guitar more often-it's not about how many notes you play, it's how you play them, and he knows how! Like my fave guitarist Sonny: sure, he can play fast licks, but it's the different sounds he gets out of the guitar, and the emotion, that I love, even on sustained notes/chords. I'm clueless about the technique (I tried slogging through an article about Sonny
  11. Stephanie Miller plays him sometimes (Milkshake Song). If that's his real name, it really fits!
  12. Oh, I am so sorry about what you and your daughter are going through. You sound so lonely in your house. Do you have friends or siblings you can talk to/spend time with to cheer you up and be a support system? I don't know how I could get through my days without my Mom/Sis/Nieces. Your situation makes me realize how lucky I am to have them. No matter how bad I may think I have it, there's always someone who's going through much worse. All the best to you and I hope things get better soon. You deserve better than you got from your husband, the creep. My suggestion is listen to a lot of Planty.
  13. Wanna feel better about yourself? I'm your gal! People make jokes about people like me. I'm 45 and still live in my Mom's basement, I was fired in November from a job I couldn't stand, I've never been married (haven't even been kissed for at least 17 years, never mind having sex) or had kids, I'm fat, disabled, and depressed a lot of the time. And I'm not making ANY of this up! Needless to say my self esteem is shit (it was never great, which may be why I got here in the first place, but it wasn't as bad as now) and a lot of times I feel like I'm just waiting to tip over. I don't see the po
  14. ZPN

    Oh CANADA!

    I don't know about the emoticons, but I've had trouble when I've tried to change font size, color, style or do bold type on here.
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