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  1. sunny, warm, and with a slight breeze-the garden's gonna love it
  2. Last word was California State Park closure after Labor Day (might be an empty threat whereby Arine saves the day at the last minute for political points by slashing something else from the poor and defenseless)
  3. If your thinking of camping in California better do it before Arnie closes all the state parks!!!!!
  4. Warm, sunny, and slightly breezy on the North coast of California
  5. "Judge not lest ye be judged..." or better yet "Judge yourself first".
  6. The scene is a wedding that is taking place. The bride is Mirabile Dictu, a virgin. The groom is Flagrante Delicto, a heartless womamizer. Sotto Voce, a male guest standing at the fringe of the ceremony, says out of the corner of his mouth to a guy standing next to him, "I don't bother with all this. I simply find a woman who hates me, and I give her a house." And the other guy says, as the groom is kissing the bride, "All women are psychotic. All men are jerks."
  7. http://yfrog.com/5rbrigittebardotj Too bad she's racist, btw is she in legal trouble these days?
  8. Lassen Volcanic Wilderness (awesome volcanic features as well as Mt. Lassen) and the Trinity Alps which has many lakes and beautiful vistas. Once met a guy hiking there who only carried a day pack so I asked him what was up with that (I had 60lbs on my back). He said,"I got a sleeping bag, a fishing rod, some cooking oil, and several Jiffy Pop Popcorns...I catch a fish, make the popcorn, fry the fish in the popcorn pan, then wad up the popcorn pan when I'm done, and toss it in my pack." Pretty clever I thought.
  9. Amy Goodman's DemocracyNow on the public access channel mandated to be provided by the cable company to their chagrin
  10. Sunny, beautiful, and gonna be in the 80's- the pear tree in the back is loving it as I am
  11. peek-a-boo

  12. "House of Floyd" played at the newly renovated Arcata Theater and Lounge in Arcata, Califorina. With eyes closed they were spot on and with eyes open the light show was awesome. Check them out on-line and don't miss them if they come around where you live. Lots of fun.
  13. The entire northcoast is beautiful, warm and sunny today with just the right amount of breeze to sit in the sun and enjoy A definate beach day!
  14. light rain but warm and sultry. pear trees are loving it
  15. My young daughters (as is their entire middle school) are all over the "twilight" books and have seen the movie. Should I be concerned? LoL
  16. Kurt Vonnegut's "Timequake" and Hubert Benoit's "Zen and the Psychology of Transformation"
  17. getting tickets for "House of Floyd" playing this weekend
  18. I suppose one might be tempted to label me anti-social and have seriously entertained this idea myself. However, it may be closer to the truth to label me anti-social conventions and this has caused endless problems for me in my professional life. But enough about me. The goal of most psychotherapy either talking therapies or drug therapies seems to be adapting to the status quo, an unquestioned status quo. Let me put the following idea out there and by no means am I the first. If we assume the problem lies within the individual then it would follow that treatment courses center on righting that individual the goal being to make that individual more or less tolerable to the larger society (i.e. freaking out or hearing voices scares others hence decrease these behaviors, those in proximity feel better end of problem-nevermind those often deletrious side effects). On the other hand if we assume the problem lies within the larger society then activism is the proper course of action (i.e. the individual suffers do to poor social arrangements-change the social arrangements and decrease the individual's suffering). This track of reasoning sadly seems to have all but gone away perhaps in part do to the huge drug company lobbies. R.D. Lang, a Scottish psychotherapist and writer once said " the so-called schizophrenic perhaps sees clearly the world for what it really is (i.e. insane) and acts appropriately". Fitting in may just be the real problem.
  19. an aerosal used in surgical suites to disinfect the air and also an old fav when the cops or your parents suddenly show up and you've just puffed a fatty-basically instant ozone o3
  20. Steve is awesome and has helped me, do to his research, solve a personal mystery. The world would be a happier place if others demonstrated such dedication to their interests. Thanks Steve

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