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    Led Zeppelin, Making people laugh (espeacially beautiful women), Monty Python, Movies, Comics, Star Wars
  1. okay wait you didn't answer the question, did HE write HIS own songs, well did HE?
  2. djzoso

    The Person above me

    i would like to ask the person above me, is their wiener dogs walking around Germany all the time?
  3. djzoso

    Met JIMMY PAGE today.

    you would've taken him to your house, i wonder why? but andy you are a lucky cab driver
  4. maybe not zeppelin but Jimmy's work ethic and the way he sort of controlled the band i use when i'm directing a film or writing
  5. djzoso

    Love at first listen

    every song was love at first listen for me
  6. djzoso

    Steve Gorman (Black Crowes) Discusses Jimmy Page

    Steve Gorman seems like an awesome guy never went to the shows but the live album was amazing
  7. djzoso

    The Person above me

    This game is basically, you describe the person above you. example: The person above me is a zeppelin fan you can say mean things to each other just don't be surprised if you get an angry pm or get banned
  8. djzoso

    Song Name Game

    sugar never tasted so good-the white stripes
  9. djzoso

    Random Picutre Thread

    http://i794.photobucket.com/albums/yy227/trevorprice91/Humans%20and%20other%20Living%20Things/IMG00493-20100410-1249.jpg here is a very artsy picture i took of my cousins baptism
  10. djzoso

    The Hair Thread

    i used to have my hair up to my shoulders now i cut it and i feel naked
  11. djzoso

    Correct me if I'm wrong...

    do you have a video or recording of the politician's version
  12. hey welcome to the forum