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  1. Just hope they all stay alive, or at least at good health, till the rumors become reality
  2. This should encourage radio stations and tv stations to show more decent music, rock music. Maybe the youth will discover, that there's more than rap and so called r&b music and all this modern shit.
  3. It has to be : - . 'No Quarter' from the TSRTS - . 'Over the hills and far away' from 'Houses... (actually it sounds like a backwards recording in some parts) - 'Misty Mountain Hop' - 'Achilles last stand' - 'STH' and not to forget Percy's harmonica solo on 'Nobody's fault but mine'
  4. Why not having a revival show with 'The Who' , the 'Stones', 'The Kinks', 'Pink Floyd' and 'Led Zep' on a weekend somewhere, oh yeah and not to forget 'Sly and the Family' (yes, he returned as well), not necessarily in Woodstock, but somewhere in Europe. Germany wouldn't be bad.
  5. That's gonna be a tough hang-over . I'd be crying for the next 2 days and getting drunk for the rest of the week.
  6. I once had some acid at a Robert Plant concert in 1994 ( he actually opened up for Lenny Kravitz, which was pretty ridiculous ) anyway, this was my lucky day, because I got hold of a backstage pass. So after he had played his set, I got past the security at the Frankfurt Festhalle and talked my way into the closed section, where only musicians and a few officials had access (much to my surprise ). Now, if I hadn't had taken some acid before this, I guess I wouldn't have dared to go this far. Well I went around the different rooms looked in here, looked in there, ran into Lenny Kravitz priva
  7. Bonzo's drum sound was unique on their first few albums. No one had this bombastic and clear sound Bonzo had. His playing is up to now still unique The use of laser lights at their concerts. The first and only band, to my knowledge, that split up after a member died.
  8. I'll take a guess: If they 're gonna open the show with "Rock'n'Roll" and close it with "Whole lotta love", there will be a tour following. If they close with "Stairway...", then that was the final show.
  9. Very nice compilation, good choices !
  10. 'For your life' and 'Hots on for nowhere', or what about 'Poor Tom' and 'Nightflight'
  11. 'Night flight or 'I'm gonna crawl' would be a good choice, or what about 'Custard Pie''
  12. dockaiser


    Hi, me, as a German, I certainly don't care about your shitty football team and you shouldn't either. I mean, you have the best bands and some of the greatest musicians in post-war times, so fuck your lousy football team and be proud of the great music you make. You had/have the Beatles, the Stones, Zeppelin and the Who (just to mention a few) That's like winning four World Championships in row, O.K., doesn't really make sense, but anyway, you just can't have it all
  13. Well listening to the latest interview with Jimmy, he says, ".. well, let's first see how the show goes at the O2" - Check it out on U2b
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