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  1. Do t-shirt Manufacturers think that noone of the female gender likes Led Zeppelin or John Lennon or Pink Floyd or any good band that is not the freakin' Jonas brothers?! When I go into target, the only things in the women's section is Jonas brothers t-shirts and "go green" t-shirts. I want a freakin' band T-shirt! I only have a Beatles shirt D: I remember I found ONE Led Zeppelin T-shirt for a girl....ONE! I found it when I was 12 and it only fit me for a week... I wore that mofo until it was a dress code violation at school. And I remember it was baby blue and that I HATED the color of it, but I wore it. I was so sad when it couldn't fit over my head anymore
  2. Dude, that is too cool! Do you mind if I ask what happened?
  3. I'm the biggest Led Head in my school, yet I am not in possession of a Led Zeppelin T-shirt because I cant afford one and my parents say I "Don't need it". D: -sobs quietly in the corner-
  4. Pardon my text tower, I was in a writing mood...
  5. Bonzo seemed like a fun loving, energetic man who did his own thing and didn't give a rat's ass about what people thought. I think he was very prideful and somewhat selfish. I know outwardly he appeared like a bad ass party animal, but I think his true personality came through when he was with his family. He was a kind and loving father who adored his children and his wife and hated being away from them, and on the road he was hyperactive and some what child-like...immature, I guess would be the word. But funny as hell. Robert seems like a piece of work, you know? Like, he dislikes drama of any sort and freaks out when something doesn't go right and has high demands. I think he would be a fun person to hang with once in a while, but he is very high matinence. He also seems high strung and has a sense of humor, only when anything bad isn't happening to him. Jimmy seems like a quiet person when not in the public eye, but when he is, he won't refrain from being loud and getting noticed. I think he likes to suprise people and do shit just for shock value. He seems like a very charming indevidual, actually. It's highly obvious he likes things out of the ordainary. And when he gets angry, I bet he just fuckin' explodes, you know? But all and all, I bet he's pretty cool. JPJ is a quiet guy, that has been established. But looking at him I can just tell that he is incredibly witty. I dunno, he just has that sort of...look about him, I guess. He seems very polite and family oriented. And he seems very intellectual, no bull shit type guy but very easy going.
  6. Happy birthday to my favorite member of Zeppelin! I bet he still would be rockin' out at 61! We all miss you, Bonzo! D: I'm such a nerd, I made a t-shirt to honor his birth and I just finished playing my drums for two hours straight Damn, Happy birthday again, Bonzo. If it wasn't for you, Led Zeppelin wouldn't be half as good and I'd have no inspiration for my drumming. I thank you. RIP BONZO!
  7. We don't have one yet, but we've been working on material. I'll be sure to let you know when we have one up. x) Thank you for the suggestions, btw.
  8. Wow, I listen to all the stuff in the front of the chart! I'm pumped about this!
  9. I first heard them when I was eight years old. I was driving along with my father and we were having an argument over who was a better band. I was rabidly supporting the Rolling Stones while my dad was supporting Led Zeppelin just as eagerly. During the argument he told me to be quiet. I begrudgingly followed his command and he popped a tape into the cassette player. The song that came on was "Black Dog". I liked it, but it wasn't enough to change my opinion. The next song that came on was "Ramble On". That was the song that captured me. I was asking my dad to play more tapes, and I remember how smug his smile was on the way home. Since then they've always been my favorite band. I may have changed my music styles through out the years, but Led Zeppelin has always been number one. Actually, when I was 12, I liked really crap bands like Fall out Boy or something like that. But when I found Zoso in my attic and put it on the turn table, it warped my mind again and it got me back into the Classic Rock scene. Since then, I've listened to Led Zeppelin every day. I'm 16 now, and I plan on loving them until I die. I feel bratty though, because I have only just recently thanked my dad for showing them to me.
  10. It was my first concert for a major band. It was Kansas at Cooper River Park in Pennsauken on July 4, 2007. I was 14. I remember it rained so hard that it hurt, but I stayed out there and like the little brat I was, I made my father, step mother and older brother who didn't give a shit about Kansas, stay out there in the thunderstorm that had freezing rain. I remember how mud just filled the whole park and my friend John and I was just running around in the mud and flinging it at people. Everyone in front of the stage was covered head to toe in mud. And my dad made John and I stand out in the rain until we were clean because he didn't want to get his car dirty I smelled weed for the first time and the people on the blanket next to us had this thing called Hookah or however you spell it but oh my God, when they played "Carry On my Wayward Son", the crowd just surged forward, and everyone sang together. I've never heard a sound like that since. I remember that it flooded and we all had to walk two miles to the car in knee deep, freezing rain water. And John and I were still smiling the whole way back to the car, despite the fact that we ruined our clothes. Ugh, I'll never forget it, man.
  11. I've been playing the drums for 4 years, and I've loved every minute of it. I tried out a bunch of different instruments before that, but none of them worked. And when I tried the drums it just...clicked. I don't think I could ever part with my drum kit; not even for a million dollars. It's a litttle kit I bought with my own money, it's a five piece groove percussion and I bought a Ludwig floor tom. Bonzo really drives me forward. When I listen to Led Zeppelin and Bonzo's drumming I just think "I gotta do that". He's really been an inspiration. I've been told I have a playing style like his, though it's more similar to his early years. I just attack the drums and hit as hard as I can. I know it doesn't show off any skill and it just shortens the lifespan of the skins, but I can't help it! I try and play softer and use more accents, but once I get into it, I really just go full out and get excited and just smash it up, man. xD Is it bad that I play like that?
  12. Hey there, I (obviously) just formed a new band. We have a fantastic line up; we are going after the Yardbird's "Double Lead Guitar" idea. We got a virtuoso on one lead guitar, a classic rock connoseiur on the other, singer that has a soulful yet commanding wail, a pretty darned good bassist and then there is me on drums (Not to brag, but I think I'm pretty good). We are all very excited to play with one another, and we are on the look out for possible gigs, but we have one problem. We have no name. We can't come up with anything that we all agree on, and if we do, we usually become unsatisfied with it within a week or two. Personally, I'm out of ideas, so I'm looking to you guys for help. If you have any band name ideas, please let me know! I promise to credit you in some way, shape or form. The music we play is a fusion of progressive and classic rock. I know it sounds kinda weird, but you gotta hear it to understand because, in my mind, it sounds pretty damn good. So, yeah. Please, help me out.
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