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  1. I take part of that back. I commented yesterday on five of those seven new track titles, not four. I wasn't comfortable guessing about two. So the total number I have commented on, including the one back in February, is six. Six out of twelve. You're right, I guess that's a half-ass job on my part. I'll just have to set up a few more Google alerts then because obviously that's the only way to do research these days, right?
  2. One track was mentioned in February. At that time, I printed something I was comfortable with about that track. Seven more track titles were reported yesterday. I printed things I was comfortable with regarding four of those track titles. I wasn't comfortable guessing about the other three. Twelve track titles didn't come out until today. Good job, you wrote something about all twelve. I'm glad you feel comfortable doing so. I feel comfortable about the five I reported on. I'm not as confident about the other seven. Finally, you may feel I have been guilty of "shoddy lazy journalism," but at least you're admitting it was journalism. Thanks for coming around, Billy! Have a nice day.
  3. Very jumpy, aren't we? The fact that a tentative record name was rejected is not surprising to me. After all, I believe Dreamland had a tentative title of Head First that too was rejected, Led Zeppelin's Coda had a working title of Early Days and Latter Days, etc. Moreover, this fact doesn't indicate I made up the title on my own. I did not. I merely saw it mentioned elsewhere and repeated it. For the record, I spotted it on the biography page for Robert Plant as listed online for the Web site of a charity concert in which he was participating. Something as official as that could have come from only one place: Plant's own media people. See for yourself, at http://www.soundandvisionofficial.com/ -- it's a Flash site, so I can't provide a more direct link to the Plant bio that says it, but I did make a screenshot I'm including here. When legitimate media credited my site in repeating Robert's tentative album title, I was proud to get the recognition since I revealed it before they did. I still am proud to be revealing things before others do. Oh by the way, Billy, good work on tracking down the origins of those Robert Plant album tracks. Maybe you didn't notice that I beat you to a lot of that yesterday.
  4. Today Myles has spoken with LedZeppelinNews.com about his experience. Exclusive and revealing full interview available online at http://tinyurl.com/mylesLZN
  5. Not sure exactly what you're looking for, but I would assert that Eric Clapton didn't like either. Right? Two Presence songs at the O2: For your Life and Nobody's Fault but Mine. I guessed right!
  6. Yeah, I must admit that while I'm a huge Nats fan, I don't keep up with the players on any other teams. I hear we're getting Lo Duca as well!
  7. I believe it was Bad Company's self-titled album. If that be the answer, my question is how many songs from the Swan Song album presence did Led Zeppelin play at its reunion concert today? (Concert hasn't yet taken place, so I guess go ahead and guess a number from zero to seven. My guess: two.)
  8. I think I now have a new quote for my signature! Thanks, Robert!
  9. When I interviewed John Paul Jones six years ago this month, "Hammer of the Gods" by Stephen Davis was brought up. "You see, the only trouble with that book, that stupid book, was that it got all its facts wrong," Jones told me. "It got all the stories the wrong way around. Apart of that, it wasn't funny. I mean, some of the stories were actually hilarious, but the way the book reads is: 'What a bunch of miserable bastards we are!'" It was the 30th anniversary of a stretch in the middle of Led Zeppelin's 1973 tour when I was writing about that in my online newsletter "On This Day In Led Zeppelin History." You can read the full entry from 5/13/03 here. Archives of the newsletter from March 2002 are up, and I revived its distribution as a mailing list in August of this year. Today was another anniversary: 27 years since Led Zeppelin announced it was disbanding after the death of John Bonham. You can read all about that, and how it ties in with everything happening today, here.
  10. I'd have to go with "Happenings Ten Years Time Ago" and make my next question: Name the Yardbirds single that was released as a double A-side and seems to have actually preceded the Beatles' famous "Day Tripper"/"We Can Work It Out" pairing, which is credited (at least on Wikipedia at the moment) as having introduced that practice?
  11. Hey Mets fans, enjoy having a great catcher in Brian Schneider! And on behalf of the Nationals, you're welcome. You get Ryan Church out of the deal too; sorry to see both of these guys leave DC. I have no idea who this dude Lastings Milledge is. Guess he played 52 games for the Mets last year. Hope he's worth giving up two of my favorite Nats.
  12. Rahsaan Roland Kirk - I, Eye, Aye: Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival, 1972
  13. I won't be an Os fan until Peter Angelos either resigns, dies or somehow atones for his egregious sins against the Nats ballclub. Not sure which I'd enjoy the most. But let me know if you're heading out to Nationals Park sometime. I'll be at all 20 of the 20-game "Plan B" games.
  14. The CD that accompanies the December 2007 issue of Mojo (the Mothership-style red-and-black issue with Plant, Page and Jones on the cover) is a compilation called Heavy Nuggets: 15 Lost British Hard Rock Gems 1968-1973. The CD art design is modeled after Mothership. Anyway, the CD is relevant to this thread because of its contents. There's at least one overlap between this disc and the Nuggets 2 box set on Rhino: the amazing track "Magic Potion" by the Open Mind. There's some great "Good Times Bad Times"-esque bass drum footwork throughout that track, although I suspect the Open Mind's drummer was probably using a dual bass pedal setup unlike John Bonham. The CD also includes tracks by: - Terry Reid, who turned down the offer to sing for Led Zeppelin but recommended Robert Plant instead - the Pretty Things, who were signed to Swan Song Records - the Atomic Rooster, which included drummer Carl Palmer, who'll be at Led Zeppelin's reunion concert next month - the Move, who were supposed to play on the same Fillmore East bill as Led Zeppelin on 1/31/69 and 2/1/69 but scrapped their tour dates because of a sudden lineup change - Slade, which included a few Led Zeppelin enthusiasts - Procol Harum -- come on, we all know Procol Harum - and several others All in all, I vouch for this CD being really great! Recommended for all. Sold only with the magazine with Plant, Page and Jones on the cover. Not a bad purchase!
  15. Since this is a new forum with probably some people who haven't been aware of my newsletter, I'll introduce it here. I've been writing On This Day In Led Zeppelin History since 1998, when I first wrote about the 25th anniversary anniversary of the July 1973 Madison Square Garden concerts. Then I found a historical fact for the next day, and the day after that, and so on, and pretty soon I had a daily newsletter going! As time went on, I added information to my newsletter from books and authorities on Led Zeppelin. As more and more readers subscribed, their input became crucial too. Over time, I was able to interview a number of folks. Among this crowd, the most recognizable interview subject was John Paul Jones. In 2003, I stopped sending the newsletter daily, but I've kept it going at some level since then. This year, I revived it with a little more frequency, and I'm hoping to keep at this pace in the coming months. You can sign up to receive my updates via e-mail at www.OnThisDayInLedZeppelinHistory.com. There's also an RSS feed if you're into that. Oh, and most importantly, on this day in 1979, Led Zeppelin became the big winners of the annual Melody Maker readers' poll. I was a couple weeks old that day, but the event came up in my interview with John Paul Jones in 2001, and you can read what he had to say about it in the newsletter.
  16. Anyone here as big a fan of the Washington Nationals as I am? I'm a season ticket holder and will be there for the first game at the new stadium (that is, the pre-season exhibition game, not the home opener).
  17. Correct! That song title had slipped my mind.
  18. Wow, that's a pretty powerful dismissal. I like it! I do think the guys in Led Zeppelin are open to the possibility of a tour in 2008, but I don't think they have decided for themselves whether it will happen. There are still a lot of factors that would play into that decision. Most importantly, they have to identify with a genuine reason to do more collaboration. Once they decide what that reason is -- raising money for a charity, doing the band some justice, packing houses, proving to themselves and their critics that they can do it, doing it for the fans -- then they can truly pursue it. Second-most importantly, they have to be able to commit themselves to the challenge of being in the most powerful rock 'n' roll band of all time while they're respecting each other's freedom to do other projects. I just made a post about this at www.LedZeppelinNews.com. Direct link: http://lemonsqueezings.blogspot.com/2007/1...ot-for-led.html
  19. There was an excellent description of the new TSRTS release in a guitarists' magazine a month ago. Check http://lemonsqueezings.blogspot.com/2007/1...are-vastly.html for a summary of the article and its interview with sound engineer Kevin Shirley.
  20. Make that August 20 for Robert, and we'll just say Steve Marriott was considered briefly before Terry Reid was approached. New question: Besides Roy Harper, who is the only other actual person named in a Led Zeppelin song title?
  21. Sometimes it's easy to confuse the Cure and the Cult because their band names are made up of words with four letters, the first two of which are C and U. Reminds me of another word Peter Grant throws around backstage in TSRTS, "ya silly..."
  22. This is a picture of me with two of my posters of my favorite band... the Clash. Every time I look at an album cover by the Clash, it makes me want to hurl.
  23. Sure, take that quote at face value. He sang it three times between 1985 and 1994. He sang it zero times in the next period of that length. If he sings it once in 2007, you're telling me that's too much? Every time Led Zeppelin has reunited in front of a paying audience, Stairway was there. Absolutely, it will happen this year.
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