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  1. peek-a-boo

  2. My cousin found her special ring her husband gave her 1 1/2 years ago. We work together she was wearing a jacket she hadn't worn in 1 1/2 year she put her hand in her pocket and there was the ring. When she called her husband with pure excitement he said "you owe me alot of money for all the rings I've bought you trying to replace that one" - It was sweet.
  3. Brigid


    Eternal life: Obviously you are very close with your parents and your circumstances are different than mine. I appreciate your comments. What I posted on Monday was a let down of mothers day - I dont want to come off as un happy, ungrateful person. I am truly blessed in many ways - as I get older I see that, I only have people around the are nourishing at this point of my life. I've had cancer twice and see the beauty in the world around me. I'm truly an happy person and am always smiling. That is until my mom enters the room - the ground rules were set as a child and they have remained the same throughout my life, I have accepted that and I disagree with you, I don't owe my mom anything. My mother was 16, she got pregnant on purpose to "get out of the house", her parents were alcoholics and she choose an abusive product of alcoholics to help her "escape", again her life was not perfect, however the conditions that she brought me into to world were very self serving, she used me then as she uses me now. The difference now is that I can do something about it. I have twin sons that I adopted because I couldn't have children, my sons are so precious to me I would never let anything happen to them - my sons don't have to "know" I love them they "feel" my love. I suppose I should be grateful to my mom because she showed me "what kind of mother NOT to be". My children see me laugh with them, I didn't, they still call me mommy, we talk all the time - because of my mom - I am a good mom. My mother, neglected, abused, told me because I was born I ruined her life - my answer to that is, I wasn't the one who layed down with some guy and got pregnant - !! She made her choice. She speaks ill of me to my children - this woman enjoys messing with childrens head, I believe she does this to get at me. Although it backfires because my sons always tell me and I can explain what she is talking abou. I don't honor her, however I do treat her with respect, people don't know how I really feel, I play the game for her - so that is my gift to her is not humilate her, or mistreat her or neglect as she did me. My therapist as with many of the post comments wants me to distance myself from her and for my health and those I love it's the best for all. She has her golden child my sister which she adores and I have my children, some close family members and an awesome encouranging bunch of friends and I am happy.
  4. Brigid


    Thank you for your kinds words - I must admit that I was surprised that anyone would respond to something I wrote - I have distanted myself from her but at times it's difficult. You are right she didn't have the best of circumstances growing up with alcoholic parents who weren't there for her. When I think with my head I understand her, yet when I feel with my heart or her actions i think, she had a choice - a choice not to repeat the pattern. Because I have distanced myself and feel differently I'm like the black sheep of the family, which actually has it's advantages I don't have to attend all the obligatory family gatherings, which is fine with me. What a freeing feeling being able to write how I felt on a given day and have people comment with such loving and caring words to a complete stranger. I haven't read all the comments but I think one said I owe her as a mother LOL - I will respond to that one, I don't owe my mom anything - and when I finally realize that then I will be entirely set free. Have a nice evening and again thank you. Brigid.
  5. Brigid


    The original battleship game... I use to play it with my Uncle
  6. Brigid


    My mom delivered me a month before her 17th birthday - and I have felt the pain ever since. At first I was here plaything, her little doll to dress up. I once asked a professional person if he felt that a baby in the womb could tell if they were wanted or not - he felt they could - I know I could. I never knew my biological "father" but if there is a negative thing about me I got it from him, so she says, unless it's my looks then I got them from her. I find that it is getting worse as time goes on, I'm 47 shes 64 - We have nothing in common except for my twin sons which I adopted. I was blessed to have adopted and the fact they were boys was even better, I was afraid to have girls because I thought I would treat them as poorly as she did I. Although I have a sister that is 44 and they have always been close. Yesterday was a difficult day for me because it was Mothers Day - I'm a great mom and I am told that frequently however my mom doesn' feel I am - my sons love me and I love them, we spent the day gardening, planting roses and flowers together - we are a happy family of three. While it was great to be with my children and celebrate the day, I couldn't help shaking off the feeling of sadness. What's worse is that I really don't like her nor do I love her and I suppose I should feel quilty and I do, but if she wasn't the vessel to get me here I wouldnt have any association with her at all.... When I was 4 and 12 I was molested - the incident of when I was 12 is so deeply buried, I asked her a few years if she remembered anything - she told me to "let it go" and she said I didn't want to to talk about it so she didn't make me. I can't remember the conversation but If I would have been a mother of a 12 year old girl that had been missing and was found, I would have asked questions, got me into therapy - I guess I'm angry at her because she didn't protect me - I know I'm angry....... This is my first time doing this, my BF just told me about it - Have an awesome day
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