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  1. Now thats an interesting idea because the documentary and the Japan shows do cover the same time period.
  2. I'm surprised that Jimmy Page did not issue a DVD audio or sacd with both 2-channel and 5.1 surround when he did the latest remasters. A big missed opportunity.
  3. The true 50th anniversary has came and went, with nothing new of consequence being released. I think it's time to close this thread and open a 51st anniversary thread.
  4. An Earls Court release is long overdue. I'd like to see a best of full concert video and a boxed set of audio CD's of all the full concerts. It would be a great 50th Anniversary release but a ton of work. If it isn't ready now it won't be happening this year. Sadly, it's looking more and more like there won't be any live video or audio releases this year.
  5. It sounds like whatever live release that was being planned won't happen this year. Very sad. I dont agree with Mr Page that only things that havent been bootlegged are worthy of release for two reasons, first not everyone collects the bootlegs and second any tape that would be in his possession should be of much better quality.
  6. Does anyone else think that it's possible that the Stairway To Heaven lawsuit might be holding up a 50th Anniversary live release or releases?
  7. It would be great to hear all 10 of the demos but they haven't leaked out by now they probably never will.
  8. I too consider 2019 to be the true 50th anniversary and it should have kicked off with the release date for Led Zeppelin I. Let's be honest though, we are at least 3 months into 2019 and don't have anything major to show for it. It's been radio silence so far with no announcements, let alone new releases. They have live stuff that they could put out, where's Earl's Court (best of the nights to make a full set list or boxed set of all nights), where's Knebworth, where's a release from the Japan multitracks, how about a blu-ray HD release of the 1970 Royal Albert Hall from the original film 16mm negative, That isn't even touching on any of the multitrack tapes that Jimmy probably has that we don't even know about. They don't owe me anything and I don't want to sound like an ungrateful fan but they started the 50th Anniversary hype-train in motion and got me on board, now I just want to go somewhere.
  9. It's amazing that something this basic is still a bit of a mystery. If this were The Beatles we were talking about we'd not only know for sure who the back up singer was but what brand of toothpaste they had used that morning.
  10. I would love to hear the 4-5 unreleased tracks and see a documentary made up of the extensive video footage shot by David Coverdale. This is by far my favorite post-Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page project and that includes the two albums that he did with Robert Plant. This album gets revisited often at my house. Day one purchase.
  11. That slipped my memory. I'll have to give it a spin.
  12. It's a gentle sounding voice that sounds similar to the voice on Jimmy Page's single "She Just Satisfies." I've heard Robert Plant say that John Bonham had a good singing voice but I don't know if I've ever heard it. I also don't think its John Paul Johns because it doesn't sound similar to his singing on the Thunder Thief album. So I'm voting Mr. Page.
  13. From what I've heard they were a shadow of their former selves on the 1980 European tour and from the sound of it the audience knew it. Page's guitar tone and playing aren't what they should have been, Plant is going through the motions with little real passion, Bonzo isn't Bonzo, and Jones is trying so hard just to hold everything together. Even if Bonham hadn't passed away I think that Zeppelin was close to the end and Robert was ready to walk away from the band. After the American tour he probably would have quit. Maybe they would have gotten back together a few years later but we'll never know.
  14. Maybe Peter Grant objected to them being filmed and recorded at Woodstock. It wouldn't surprise me considering how rarely they appeared in front of film or video cameras.
  15. It could certainly be next Christmas for a live release. We all saw how long the 02 live release took. It's not like any of them are hurting for money but that would be so disappointing.
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