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  1. Does anybody have a link to the photo that this picture was taken from? Looks like the A.R.M.S. concert but I can't find the original photo anywhere on the internet.
  2. I'm sure this has been dicussed before but I'm new here so screw it, lol. Anyway, what's your opinion? I can't get past the muffled sound of audience recordings so I'm definitely partial to SBD's. I know they sound dry sometimes but I have a pretty good live mode on my Yamaha receiver so I can compensate for that a bit. Not much you can do about the lack of clarity on audience recordings. Any thoughts?
  3. That's what I thought What a shame, too. Incredible version of No Quarter...possibly my favorite.
  4. Is there a version of Destroyer that doesn't have the cuts in TSRTS and (especially) No Quarter?
  5. As I said, it only sounds like he's saying that.
  6. Was just glancing around the site looking for info on live shows...was forum-ed out years ago but felt the need to express my stupid opinions to strangers again.
  7. Eye thank yew! Btw, did you come to the same conclusion with your recording?
  8. fair enough, lol So what I was going to say was that when I was around 13, I got into LZ and read everything I could find on them. Of course the whole Stairway backwards thing came up, so I was curious. I really was hoping it wasn't true so I set about trying to find a way to play it backwards (this was pre-CD and I didn't have a turntable...just cassettes). Anyway, I found that by taking apart the cassette and jury-rigging the spools, I could play the topside of the tape, and hence, it played backwards. It didn't take long to find the section where he seemed to be saying "Here's to m
  9. That's Alright New York is really very good but I don't have Flying Circus for comparison.
  10. Conquistador (Earl's Court, 1975...best overall) Conquer Europe (Zurich, 1980...cleanest recording I have) Bertha Goes to Frankfurt (Frankfurt, 1980...much better bass than Hotter Than The Hindenburg) It's Alright New York (MSG, 1975...newer version of Flying Circus) Final Cut (Knebworth, 1979...some audio issues here and there but great mix) I'm not a big fan of audience recordings (obviously) but Live On Blueberry Hill sounds pretty good
  11. wow...such clever replies...quite the brain trust here
  12. Actually I had a real answer but your sarcasm is annoying...so screw it.
  13. If anyone is interested in a real answer to the OP's question, let me know.
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