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  1. is this where are tax dollars are being wasted?! well i always knew i was s-m-r-t take that kanye west!!
  2. http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=23BA6F58540FDD97 i was there man, i was there
  3. I've fallen asleep to nobodies fault but mine, immigrant song, and whole lotta love cranked
  4. id want it on rock band:) but i dont believe any of the band will sign a contract. plus no one could sing like robert plant
  5. my GF has one lol i bought it for her a week ago. it looks great on her
  6. when and where was your favourite led zeppelin concert of all time?
  7. I SHALL BECOME VOCALIST!!!!!......FAIL, i play guitar anyways lol its not led zepp without plant, no way no how
  8. well i dont know...some of ther work is just fucking AMAZING, and the rest is totally AWSOME
  9. stairway to heaven. its such a beautiful song. wonderful lyrics, elegant melody, and a badass solo.
  10. white summer/black mountain........pure page awsomeness
  11. i cant choose! either the ocean, over the hills and far away, or no quarter!! ill go over the hills and far awat, i love the acoustic guitar in it
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