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  1. Have to agree with Joplin as a front runner. Do like a couple of lesser known women by the name of Sass Jordan and a gal from Motherstation named, Susan Marshall. Sheer power. As far as the males, check out an article I wrote if you like. http://www.rockinwithremedy.com/the-voice-of-rock/
  2. Hi all... Was hoping to get a little feedback on a tune we decided to try during our last gig. I must preface the post by admitting I'm a HUGE Zeppelin fan and would never attempt to do a song if I thought it would be an embarrassment, so I certainly hope the effort was worthwhile. The song is by no means perfect but we're getting there I think and, moreover, I'd like to think this is exactly the type of song you'd like to hear in a bar but NEVER do. Anyway...a humble and modest effort...I give you Heartbreaker. http://www.rockinwithremedy.com/gallery/video-gallery/
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