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  1. I think that CODA has the potential to contain probably the most interesting out takes etc out of all of the albums.
  2. The new album is good, I like it better than the other two. I hear a lot of influences.
  3. It truly was an awesome release...the Holy Grail at that time. Time for a Blu-Ray or is that being greedy bearing in mind what we've had this year already?
  4. For me they are the greatest American Rock Band. I was 12 when John Bonham died, I was just discovering rock music at that time. AC/DC were the first band I loved and were the gateway into the wonderful world of music from there. As it was 1980 of course Back in Black was the album of the day at that time so was a good place to start!!! I first heard Eruption at 12 and thought what the f**k is that? Blew my mind. Saw them at Donington 1984 just after my 16th birthday, whilst they were internally falling apart that show blew me away. They've neglected Europe for so long now though. I've seen them 4 times and two of those were supporting Bon Jovi for Gods sake!! Van Halen though in many ways though were my Zeppelin at that time and from thereon in though, I flipped over them and I still love them now. I've compared them to LZ on a forum before and been lambasted for it but maybe I didn't explain accurately enough. Of course LZ are the greatest but VH at that time dragged rock kicking and screaming from the 70s to the 80s. Those albums with Roth in particular each in their own way had that unexplainable 5th element that just makes them so special. Even Diver Down!!! They weren't afraid to experiment and each had their own quality that bought something together to make something quite incendiary...sound familiar? I even loved the other incarnations, when Roth quit (or was fired depending who you believe) I was gutted but Hagar joined and bought something else to the band. The best thing they did it not get a Roth replacement per se but someone who replaced Roth...if that makes sense!!! I even liked the Cherone era...someone had to!!! Awesome band. I just wish they'd do something like about releasing some material be it live DVD's Hagar era remasters or expanded/deluxe edition albums. Ah well you can dream?
  5. Inspector Prostate and the Four Skin Peel Backs
  6. Van Halen Queen Extreme Rolling Stones Cream/Clapton Aerosmith Soundgarden Pearl Jam Thin Lizzy Pink Floyd RHCP AC/DC ZZ Top Audioslave BB King The Beatles Deep Purple Free Guns N Roses Janes Addiction Jeff Buckley Jimi Hendrix Joe Bonamassa and so on and so on......
  7. Great album...loved it at the time and still love it. I saw them on the tour for this album at Wembley Arena 23rd December (I think). I know it was right before Christmas. They had Neal Schon and Brian May out for the encores. Great show. I met them afterwards and mentioned to Gary that the lyrics had quite a profound effect on me at that time, especially the "3rd side". He was extremely (pardon the pun) gracious. I pushed him on what exactly it was about and he basically said its anything you want it to be. Apologies if that sounds like name dropping I didn't mean it to. Being a massive guitar nut though I always loved Bettencourt. You can hear Van Halen, May Perry and Page in there but with his own groove twist. Great tone!! I'm looking at my N4 while I type this and its making me smile!!!
  8. He has to sing LZ on his "solo" shows, for the simple fact that it's what people want to here and whatever is thought that can't be denied. However much RP has moved on from LZ the simple fact is that if he didn't sing them people wouldn't turn up. As a performer that ego doesn't stroke itself!!! I applaud him and respect him in a lot of ways for moving on and I'm sure if I hadn't seen them in December 2007 I'd probably feel like a lot of people in that they should carry on but perhaps that was the best way to go out. A show for a dear lost friend, to correct the wrongs of previous reunions and go out on a high. No one will doubt that's exactly what they achieved. My issue with it is and it's only my feeling but it's almost like a control aspect...It can't be done without him and he knows it. I'm probably wrong but that's how it feels to me. There are so many things that must have happened between them but there are far more issues to this than purely getting back together and playing. Unfortunately there has been a lot of things that have happened that maybe it can never be looked at the same...RP is absolutely correct there. I also speak from experience as I'm sure a lot of us do in that loss will make you look at everything very differently. The positive is that it's made me appreciate these new remasters even more if that was possible.
  9. Hi all, I have a question which I'm not sure if there's a definitive answer to or if it's been mentioned before but I'll apologise in advance if it has. My question is does anybody know the exact date of the first rehearsal of the four guys playing together? The famed Train kept a Rolling rehearsal? I've heard mid August 1968 but not an exact date? Anybody know any more? Many thanks for the answer...much appreciated.
  10. Thanks very much...I'll dig out my TBL issues. I'll also read the Mick Wall book again just in case.... Purely from a selfish point my interest was that my actual birthday was 15th August 1968, thought it may be too good to be true!!!
  11. Hi all, I have a question which I'm not sure if there's a definitive answer to or if it's been mentioned before but I'll apologise in advance if it has. My question is does anybody know the exact date of the first rehearsal of the four guys playing together? The famed Train kept a Rolling rehearsal? I've heard mid August 1968 but not an exact date? Anybody know any more?
  12. "Nothing will ever diminish for me the memories of the manner in which I received my signed copy (#664) of the original. For those who already own an original, this edition provides a more practical format for continued reading in the years ahead. For everyone else, it provides an affordable alternative to the original. " Thanks Steve, you put that far more eloquently than I could have. I love my original but I'll definitely get another.
  13. You are quite right, there aren't bad LZ songs, just some get played more than others. The great thing about the catalogue is there seems to be something that fits all moods, emotions etc...truly fantastic.
  14. My Top 10 (in no particular order)...today. When the Levee Breaks Achilles Last Stand Since I've Been Loving You Kashmir Ramble On Whole Lotta Love Stairway to Heaven In My Time of Dying For Your Life In the Evening These will change tomorrow!!
  15. I think I'm in the minority of one here but I'm hoping that there isn't toomuch live stuff on these releases and here's my reasoning: 1. I'm really intrigued as to how the actual official album remasters will sound. I'm hoping they are a leap on from the 1990 remasters stuff which for me are the best sonically at the moment. I know they aren't to everyone's taste but they are still the CD's I turn to when I need the official LZ Studio itch scratched. I have the SHM CD box set among others but for my ears it's just another example of the "loudness wars" that so many releases seem to be a part of. 2. In my opinion these upcoming releases are predominantly about studio recordings, Saying that I totally understand why Olympia 69 is on LZ 1, I think that any extra studio tracks from this era will probably appear on CODA which as previously mentioned will make that a very interesting release when it appears. All the other albums (apart from Presence?Maybe some multimedia or live material to cohabit within the Presence release?) will have some interesting material so here's looking forward already!! I also think it's fantastic that JP has really taken a look what's around unofficially and releasing some tracks we don't already have...surely that's got to be worth looking forward to? Studio Magik will still get a lot of airplay but I'm so looking forward to what may be around the corner and presently far better sonically on these releases that benefit from the master's touch? 3. I know a lot of people are clamouring for live stuff to be on these sets but I think I'm the only one who doesn't. My thinking is that someday they'll appear a few years down the line after being given the same treatment the Studio albums are to receive with these three upcoming releases and what will surely come with the others. I'd rather they received the full attention they deserve rather than a few tracks on a bonus disc...you can dream eh? I'm thinking 4-5 years down the line the vault is opened, JP weaves his sonic magic over certain shows that we know that are around (plus maybe a few surprises?) with a fanfare that says "this is it, we have no more, this is our legacy" or sentiments to that effect. What is evident is this, we all have ideas about what should and shouldn't be released and the fantastic thing from a Zeppelin fan perspective is we all have different ideas as to what we'd like. Which in reality shows exactly why we love this band so much in the first place doesn't it?
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