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  1. Difficult...perhaps. A worthy tribute to his father...undoubtedly.
  2. Too bad he doesn`t play "Bonzo`s Montreux". If he`s doing a tribute to his dad you`d think he would play that one. Isn`t that one of his dads songs?
  3. I don`t mean to burst everyones bubble but I DIDN`T think it was as great as everyone is saying. I was there for the Kamloops show. Don`t get me wrong I enjoyed the whole show and listening to some Zeppelin music for a couple hours is a good thing but....Jason Bonham being blood and all isn`t capable of playing as good as his dad. I was there, I heard it, there`s probably a lot of other drummers that can play just as good as Jason. Jason himself said he can`t play as good as his old man. The singer was good...but just like Robert Plant today, he couldn`t hit the high notes. The lead guitar player was pretty good I`ll say. His intro to Since I`ve been... was troubled and not spot on though. Their set list could have been better I thought. Isn`t Achilles Last Stand one of Bonzos favorites? Didn`t play it. At Knebworth 1979 the intro to "In the evening" with Bonzo lighting up the drums I thought would have been so cool to hear live from Jason. Instead they played "I`m gonna crawl" from in through the out door.(although they did do a great job on this one) It was so cool they played "For your life" at the O2 but sorry not here. Nothing off of Presence was even played. Robert Plant doesn`t sing Stairway on any of his solo tours but Jason did. The guitar player started with an acoustic then went to electric...Thats not the way Jimmy does it. After all my bashing I will say this...They nailed Dazed and Confused! When the Levee Breaks was awesome! Listening to Jason and John during Moby Dick was wicked and some unseen footage of the greatest drummer of all time was worth the price of admission. Not a perfect show but then again it wasn`t actually Led Zeppelin...who are perfect.
  4. I`ll be going to the Kamloops show on Sunday. I`ll have a little report for all.
  5. Thanks "TypeO"! I should have known that Tool would be the only band worthy of doing a Zep classic. Thanks again...even the video was cool!
  6. The best cover of a Zeppelin song is "Dancing Days" by the Stone Temple Pilots. As much as I hate to admit it...it has surpassed the original. In classic Zeppelin style they took a song and changed it around into something they really enjoyed. I`ve yet to hear the TOOL version of No Quarter. Where might one find that?
  7. I`m picking up what you`re laying down.
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