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  1. Thru with the two step Calling to you Hello Hello Shine it all around All the kings horses 29 Palms and many more
  2. I met Jimmy at the Peppermill Lounge in Reno in 81 0r 82. Having a drink with girlfriend,her sister and theyre husbands getting ready to head out to San Francisco. In comes some important looking men. Her husband Jim says it is Jimmy Page. We are not sure it looks like him but a little older. (sorry Jimmy) we asked the waitress if it was anyone famous she is serving but she says she dosent know. Shes too young to know him we decide. we send a round of drinks to the table and finally my friends' husbands go over and ask for autograph. sure enough it is him. so we are scared to go but would nev
  3. I met the man of my dreams at the Peppermill Lounge in Reno

  4. Tangerine Down by the Seaside Sick Again The Rover Im Gonna Crawl In the light Ten Years Gone Dancing Days my favorite! too hard to pick i really love them all
  5. im new at this but enjoy reading all the stuff. ive loved zeppelin since 8th grade and still do i enjoy listening to this stuff with my 24 yr old son its great take care everyone say hello if you want. i have a post or two about meeting Jimmy Page one of my most exciting moments in my life

  6. i really enjoyed the cd emconium and especially dancing days. im gonna try to find it again somewhere i lost it along time ago. i know ill get laughed at here but i did listen to a cd of white snake doing all led zep and thought it was pretty good but that was quite a few years ago i have seen three cover bands of zeppelin and recommend all three. Zepparella all female out of san fran No quarter out of Seattle area and Led Zepagain out of L.A. area. they were all great and Jimmy even went to see Led Zepagain. check them out if you can
  7. I too loved the firm. Ive always liked Paul Rodgers and thought the cd was great. i also liked Coverdale/Page i havent listened to either one in awhile so i guess ill dig them out and listen again. Hello from Cottage Grove Oregon to Bend Oregon! have you also met Mr Page? it looks like you have an autograph on your page? i cant figure out how to put a pic of mine on my page. or post some pictures of some records i have. ill figure it out soon
  8. just stating how much my son 23,and i love the Beatles Rockband. its amazing how much effort they put into this game. The videos,pictures graphics and information. weve learned alot of things we didnt know about them. we really enjoy playing this game. We are having a hard time singing in harmony and getting good scores on this. it is alot of fun and the best yet. I dont know if i could handle a led zeppelin version but i know it would sell out before it ever hit the store. I could imagine singing all those songs and my son playing the guitar. it would be amazing the only word i can think of.
  9. great story! i would love to meet Robert Plant also. He played up here in Oregon about 4 yrs ago and i couldnt go i would of tried to get his autograph also. thanks for the story
  10. i will try to post a picture of the lp and the autograph as soon as i can get my son to help me with this computer stuff. im not as up to date as he is. It is a picture disk tho Jimmy on one side and Robert on the other. The Knebworth album is Raven Records from Belgium. Anyway the trip to Reno im pretty sure was 1993 but my memory escapes me at this moment. Approaching 50 in two months! I can confirm it with my girlfriend ive asked her before and she knows what year. And i think it could of been David Coverdale but i dont think we were introduced. Maybe she remembers this too. Thanks for the
  11. In 1993 i met Jimmy in a lounge in Reno. My girlfriends and i were driving back to san fran and luckily i wanted to have a drink before we hit the road. My friends husband spied some guys at a booth and swore it was Jimmy Page. He had just seen him recently with The Firm. We were not sure if it was him. We asked the waitress and she said she didnt know,hell she was too young to know. We finally got up the nerve to go over to them and ask for a autograph. they were very polite. Im not sure who the other guys were. Jimmy asked if we had been gaming,i guess british for gambling. when i sat next t
  12. i have two lps i found and was wondering what they are worth or are they rare. i have Led Zeppelin 1973 interview with pictures of Robert and Jimmy on each side. And i have Led Zeppelin live at Knebworth part1 double album both great condition. Any info anyone? Im glad i found them but they dont compare to the autograph i have from Jimmy on a drink coaster from the Peppermill Lounge in Reno! That is my most treasured Led Zeppelin item Thanks for any info on the records
  13. just letting people know about some bands ive seen lately i just saw a pretty good tribute band for led zeppelin and i thought they were good. they play mostly the west coast of california and Jimmy page has seen them himself. go to www.ledzepagain.com and check out the web page with jimmy at the concert. Ive also seen an all girl band Zepparella out of San Fran area and they are really good. i loved them seen them 2 times. And out of Seattle area No Quarter they were spot on perfect also. look them up for theyre tour dates and check them out. Ive never seen the original led in concert a
  14. i understand why Jimmy feels this way but i like to play these games with my son. its alot of fun to sing and play all the old songs from my era and led zeppelin would be the best!! we really look forward to the beatles coming out but zep would kick ass. its just fun to have something to have in common with the xbox. i dont like his other games but we play together the rock band. He plays real instruments also. just my view. I hope Jimmy changes his mind.
  15. thank you for the welcome. I did feel that i would never forgive myself if he walked out while i was trying to get up the nerve to go over there. its fun reading all this stuff its amazing. And im jimmys girl only in my mind no need to fight!
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