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  1. Thru with the two step Calling to you Hello Hello Shine it all around All the kings horses 29 Palms and many more
  2. I met Jimmy at the Peppermill Lounge in Reno in 81 0r 82. Having a drink with girlfriend,her sister and theyre husbands getting ready to head out to San Francisco. In comes some important looking men. Her husband Jim says it is Jimmy Page. We are not sure it looks like him but a little older. (sorry Jimmy) we asked the waitress if it was anyone famous she is serving but she says she dosent know. Shes too young to know him we decide. we send a round of drinks to the table and finally my friends' husbands go over and ask for autograph. sure enough it is him. so we are scared to go but would never forgive ourselves if he got up and left. we sit down, i am in awe. he signs Gloria and Donnas and then i sit next to him and for the life of me i cant remember exactly what i said except that ive always loved him and he is my favorite. They asked us if we had been "gaming" we say "gambling"? yes we have. He asked if we wanted to go party or something along those lines and we said we cant we have husbands and need to get back to san fran. so we get up, all have autograph on Peppermill Lounge coaster and it was the most exciting moment of our lives. Saying we cant go was the stupidist thing weve ever said. See you later husbands, were out of here! well get home somehow is what we should of said. I didnt ask him anything, he asked us.
  3. I met the man of my dreams at the Peppermill Lounge in Reno

  4. im new at this but enjoy reading all the stuff. ive loved zeppelin since 8th grade and still do i enjoy listening to this stuff with my 24 yr old son its great take care everyone say hello if you want. i have a post or two about meeting Jimmy Page one of my most exciting moments in my life

  5. i really enjoyed the cd emconium and especially dancing days. im gonna try to find it again somewhere i lost it along time ago. i know ill get laughed at here but i did listen to a cd of white snake doing all led zep and thought it was pretty good but that was quite a few years ago i have seen three cover bands of zeppelin and recommend all three. Zepparella all female out of san fran No quarter out of Seattle area and Led Zepagain out of L.A. area. they were all great and Jimmy even went to see Led Zepagain. check them out if you can
  6. I too loved the firm. Ive always liked Paul Rodgers and thought the cd was great. i also liked Coverdale/Page i havent listened to either one in awhile so i guess ill dig them out and listen again. Hello from Cottage Grove Oregon to Bend Oregon! have you also met Mr Page? it looks like you have an autograph on your page? i cant figure out how to put a pic of mine on my page. or post some pictures of some records i have. ill figure it out soon
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