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  1. anyone know what kind of shoes/boots did page wear?
  2. haha yea i bet.. did u tab it out urself?
  3. yea thats what i have mine to achilles, cacgce, heard some ppl say thats open c and others say its open c6... whatever the name is... the strings are right =) ive got that part that you posted but its the part immediately after that which i cant figure out... any thoughts on that ? thanks! yea ive seen alot of ppl use hybrid, but i just dont really unless the song absolutely calls for it, like a couple bits of sibly, and i know several guitarists at my school that wont use picks ever.... but i like em =) yea i had no picks once when i was starting out, so me and my friend cut up some toys r us gift cards and used them =) i also used some folded paper once... sounded pretty cool strumming, but dreadful picking... haha
  4. yea ive tried some hybrid picking.. didnt like it much.... and i dont think its just cuz i sux at it.... probly had some to do with that but not wholly... id rather fingerpick and pull a jp with the pick in the mouth till its time =)
  5. haha its cool... dont know much about guitar world... did you just order it online or is it a whole songbook or what? thanks for trying =)
  6. ahh thats what ive got it tuned to.. =) thanks... still having some trouble getting that first bit... the part after he does the 2 arpeggiated chords like 6 or 7 times then plucks 2nd fret of 2nd and 5th strings... ive got the tabs for it and most of it seems right but it never sounds right when i play whats written.. any advice? ive tried to work it out myself.. didnt go so well =/
  7. u sure its in open c? cuz i read somewhere that it was in open c6, which is what i tuned mine to and it sounds pretty accurate? not meaning to doubt just double checking so that im not playing it wrong
  8. sweet thanks guys.. im going to print off the tab tonight... itl give me another great song to learn when im tired of sibly, or get frustrated b/c im too slow/cant hear the notes... brilliantly done... but so difficult (for me at least) to learn those subtle ones... but we all know they make the music!
  9. thanks lots guys! yea ive gotten a bit past stairway and babe im gonna leave you, looking for some more challenging zep fingerpicking, but not done any alternate tunings yet, so i guess thisl be a good place to start... didnt seem like a difficult tuning to get and its a fairly short piece so should be good. Thanks!
  10. high guys, how difficult is it to learn (and play of course) bron yr aur? (not stomp)
  11. The Eagles late january in birmingham al, amazing!
  12. haha nice analogy there ev ahaha yea i guess i get what you mean... im starting to try to play blues stuff now so hopefully thatl help out there a bit =) do you mean joining this thread with the sounding like zep one? i would but this isnt my thread so id have to ok it with whomever started it... but yea that was my intention of leaving it fairly general so it can be about most anything... haven't gotten any replies yet tho... good few views but not replies.. o well hopefully itl pick up
  13. this is a really good thread lots of good info in here.. with alot of people saying its in the fingers and how u use them, could u elaborate on that please? trying to get any tips possible =) and if ne1 could take a look at my thread in this section thatd be alot of help its sounding like zep thanks guys
  14. heres where this thread will continue http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?showtopic=11009 thanks guys
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