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  1. where do i download the youtube downloader from? =) it does thanks
  2. hey guys any of you know how to put a youtube video into windows media to slow it down without affecting the pitch? trying to learn the solo for stairway live on tsrts. ive got tabs for it off ultimate-guitar, but itd help a lot if i could hear it played slowly thanks
  3. how long does it usually take him to do that?
  4. sweet thanks m8 my friend said something about some guy that he went to that was pretty good around us. You said that it wouldnt cost too much, could u be more specific please? trying to decide whether or not its worth it to get the adjustments or to just go ahead and get the other guitar Thanks
  5. im using ernie ball 9's right now, except for the high e which is an 8, b/c i broke the first one and replaced it with an 8, but ive tried 8's before and they sounded rather terrible... haha
  6. ive not changed them for a while, im going to within a week or so, but i dont think that thats the problem, b/c ,if i remember correctly, that happened to me as well right after i changed them... but then it might be that... i just figured that id ask here what the problem was when i was about to change them so if nething needed to be done i could do them while theyre off
  7. hey guys ive been having some trouble bending strings at the high frets in particular, about 13 on up. when i bend like more than a step (or even a half soemtimes) the string gets cut off... the only thing i can think of is taht its getting caught on the next fret, b/c its not touching either pickup..and im not touching it.... should i try to file down the fret? also, i know that with higher end guitars like les pauls and teles and strats and what not u can bend as far as ur wrist will let u really, but with mine being more low end from the 60s, i cant really bend anything past about a step
  8. just learned bron yr aur today... dunno whats next... maybe black mountain side..
  9. hey guys ne of you have this? if so is it worth it? http://books-videos-music.musiciansfriend.com/product/Alfred-Led-Zeppelin-Box-Set-IV-Guitar-Tab-Book?sku=906475 thanks
  10. thanks much for the tab m8. How did you find that? ive been looking for it forever.... also if ur using your finger(s) along with the pick, which sting and finger do u pluck/use? sorry, been trying to learn this for a while, just wanna know how to ya know?
  11. nicely done.... could u sent me a link to that tab?
  12. will this topic (thread topic) ever be dropped..? one may never know...
  13. ahh gotcha... was going to say.... jeeze dickey whatd u do to urself?
  14. man.. is that him on slide with the lp?
  15. sweet, ill gi ve that one a go today.... u know if statesboro blues is very hard?
  16. hey guys anybody know of any easy allman brothers tunes, or just some of duane's licks? thanks correction, not so much easy, but do able, not like in memory of elizabeth reed, haha
  17. i get called a showoff for moving things..... pisses me off...
  18. yea i thouhgt maybe he did something like that, but i know nothing about drums, so wasnt sure
  19. thanks for clearing that up for me guys! i always thought it was one, but just wanted to be sure
  20. does bonzo use 1 or 2 bass drum pedals? my friend said 1 but i was listening to the lemon song and it didnt seem possible that it was 1... but yes i know bonzo is like superhuman and stuff... so yea...? thanks
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