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  1. Yeah, Steven Tyler is a great frontman. I saw Aerosmith live in 2007, and they really rocked. David Lee Roth was a great frontman too, when I saw Van Halen back in 1984. Another really good frontman is Bruce Dickinson. He seems to have an endless supply of energy! I voted Robert Plant 1st, and would have voted Steven Tyler if he'd been on the 2nd list.
  2. Seems like an impossible choice.... I voted "Tea For One", but I love SIBLY too btw, have you heard Joe Bonamassa's version of "Tea For One".....it's really really good, IMHO
  3. It was 1976 or '77...I am not sure... I was on a school trip, and bought a "The Song Remains The Same"-cassette at a gas station, and played it over and over on the bus. Me and my classmate were blown away, especially by "Rock And Roll" and "Celebration Day" Been a Zep-freak ever since
  4. Playing here right now: Gov't Mule - "Deja Voodoo"
  5. One for you that watched kids-TV in the 70's *************************************** Robert Plant? *************************************** Catweasel? ***************************************
  6. Sass Jordan Listen to her "Rats" album, and you'll see what I mean
  7. I've got a couple of guitars: Gibson Les Paul Classic (1960 model) -2003, Tobacco Sunburst Epiphone Les Paul Heritage, Cherry Sunburst Fender Stratocaster -1991, 2-tone Sunburst Mabass Custom Stratocaster -1992 Schecter Diamond -2006 PRS Tremonti -2007 Ibanez EW20, acoustic Amps: Fender Blues DeVille 2x12" Peavey Classic 30 Effects: Boss SD-1 Cry Baby Wah Line 6 MM4 I think that's about it
  8. I live in Karlskoga, Sweden
  9. As you say, the first 4 albums and "HOTH" are amazing albums.... But I really love "Physical Graffiti" and "Presence" too...(btw, have you heard Joe Bonamassa's version of "Tea For One", from his album "You & Me"....an excellent version, IMO) ....but I hardly ever listen to "ITTOD"...
  10. I can't pick a "best band ever"..... I've got a few fave bands, but I find it impossible to rate them......it's a mood thing, I guess Anyway, my fave bands are....(in no paricular order): Led Zeppelin Deep Purple Rush Pink Floyd All great, in different ways!
  11. I'm 44 and I've been a fan since I was 13.
  12. Yeah, that's what I think too
  13. Impossible choice, cause it changes with my mood.... Today it's "HOTH"
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