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  1. Thanks Ross and Walter and the others for the kind words. kipper and andy,  I do know that Ross and Walter are great people. Fact! 

    This thread is open to anyone to post as they will (just not cool to use other peoples work).  Anyhow, good luck with keeping the thread updated. I truly mean this :whistling:   


  2. CP, hope your having a great time in Wales! Sounds wonderful:-)

    Dd, glad you had a great trip , and was able to meet up with Sean. Safe travels back home:-) 

    Hi Walter!


    I thought I was going to take the rest of the year off, but this morning I was asked to  take a two month job for the W Hotel Midtown. At least I don't have to fly. I just have to drive in Sunday nights and can come back home each Friday night.  Filling out the paperwork (contract, forms, etc. today). Drug test Wednesday.   :peace:  


  3. ^^Hi Walter and ebk! Great news Walter. Please give her my best as well.  

    I am back home and beginning to get settled in and relaxed. I have so much to catch up in regards the threads! It's really great to be back home and I am looking forward to catching up here with friends.  Today is so nice, so I am off to enjoy nature :peace:       

  4. September 4th

    1966 - Jimmy Page - The Yardbirds - Honolulu,Hawaii/International Center,Exhibition Hall

    1970 - Led Zeppelin - West Hollywood,CA/Troubadour Club - with Fairport Convention

    1970 - Led Zeppelin - Inglewood,CA/The Forum

    1971 - Led Zeppelin - Toronto,Ontario,Canada/Maple Leaf Gardens

    1974 - Jimmy Page - New York,NY/Central Park,Wollman Park - encore with Bad Company

    1983 - Robert Plant - Principle Of Moments - Richfield,OH/Richfield Coliseum

    2002 - Robert Plant - Strange Sensation - St Louis,MO/Fox Theatre 

    2010 - John Paul Jones - Kristiansand,Norway/Agder Teater - Punkt Festival - with Supersilent




  5. 3 hours ago, sam_webmaster said:

    Official statements:

    "We are grateful for the jury's conscientious service and pleased that it has ruled in our favor, putting to rest questions about the origins of 'Stairway to Heaven' and confirming what we have known for 45 years. We appreciate our fans' support and look forward to putting this legal matter behind us." - Jimmy Page & Robert Plant.

    "At Warner Music Group, supporting our artists and protecting their creative freedom is paramount. We are pleased that the jury found in favor of Led Zeppelin, reaffirming the true origins of 'Stairway to Heaven.' Led Zeppelin is one of the greatest bands in history, and Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are peerless songwriters who created many of rock's most influential and enduring songs." - Warner Music Group.

    Yes, the masterpiece is, was and always will be theirs!  Our band...THE BEST EVER!!! Proud fan, party of one here:-)        

  6. There really are no words. His gift in music, his talent, his support of women..not just one of the absolute most talented musicians in my lifetime, but a wonderful human being. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones in this time. I know I have so many memories that I associate with his music. He was just far to young, I really am in such a state of sadness & shock right now.

    The doves must be crying right now. R.I.P. Prince. 

  7. Hello forum friends! :wave:

    Just wanted to drop a line and say I miss so many of you. The job was supposed to end and the Tuesday prior to what was going to be my last day they came to me and asked me to come back until April 15 with a possible extention until April 30th. They knew I needed a break so I was able to go back home for almost a week. I guess they liked my work.

    The people are so kind to me that I could not say no. The Hilton I am working for right now has just upgraded their new system so I am training the sales team and inputting the information (accounts) from the old system to the new system. It is a system I have worked with in the past.

    I hope all of you are doing well and I really do miss being here. I also plan on meeting up with Stargroves Tangie  the weekend of April 8th. It will be so nice to see her again if we can make it work. We had such a good time when we went to see Jimmy at the Y2 back in Nov 2014:-)

    Take care everyone and be kind to one another....and represent Led Zeppelin in the manner they deserve:-) :peace:  

  8. Hi Disco Duck:-)


    The paint is by Ralph Lauren and I think the color is colbalt blue. It is worth the money as it never fades. I have had this color in my last 7 homes. (Hopefully this is my last home! )

    I can check the leftover paint cans when I get back home to give you the exact name of the color:-) Thank you for the kind comment. It is my favorite color:-)

    PlanetPage's scarf is one of my most treasured items by the way :-)     

  9. March 18th

    1968 - Jimmy Page - The Yardbirds- BBC Radio-Pete Brady Show

    1971 - Led Zeppelin - Newcastle upon Tyne,England/Mayfair Ballroom

    1985 - Jimmy Page - The Firm - Albuquerque,NM/Tingley Coliseum

    1995 - Page & Plant - Unledded Tour - Dallas,TX/Reunion Arena

    2000 - Robert Plant-Priory Of Brion-Aberstywyth,Wales/Aberystwyth Arts Centre

    2000 - John Paul Jones-Zooma Tour - Austin,TX./La Zona Rosa- SXSW

    2006 - Robert Plant - Mighty ReArranger Tour - Angers,France/Amphitea 4000

    2007 - John Paul Jones - Nashville,TN/Belcourt Theatre - with Robyn Hitchcock

    2015 - JBLZE - Aspen,CO/Belly Up

    2016 - Robert Plant - Sensational Space Shifters - Midland,TX/Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center




  10. ^^ Hi luvlz:-)

    I am at the July 1, 2016 Atlanta show:-) It would be great if a few of us could get together and attend:-) 


    On another note, I was watching Criminal Minds last night and then..Mr. Joe Walsh!!!




  11. March 17th

    1968 - Robert Plant - Obs'tweedle - Dudley,West Midlands,England/Queen Mary Ballroom,Dudley Zoo 

    1969 - Led Zeppelin - Gladsaxe,Denmark/TV Byen - Danmarks Radio

    1973 - Led Zeppelin - Munich,Germany/Munich Olympiahalle

    1975 - Led Zeppelin - Seattle,WA/Seattle Center Coliseum

    1986 - Jimmy Page - The Firm - Daytona Beach,FL/Ocean Center

    1988 - Robert Plant - Now & Zen Tour - Coventry,West Midlands,England/Warwick Arts Centre

    1995 - Page & Plant - Unledded Tour - Little Rock,AR/Barton Coliseum

    2000 - Robert Plant - Priory Of Brion Tour - Bridgend,Wales/Bridgend Recreation Centre

    2005 - Robert Plant - Mighty ReArranger Tour - Austin, TX/Austin Music Hall, SXSW Music And Media Conference

    2006 - Robert Plant - Mighty ReArranger Tour - Rouen,France/Le Zenith de Rouen

    2016 - Robert Plant - Sesational Space Shifters - San Antonio,TX/Tobin Centre for the Performing Arts










  12. March 16th

    1968 - Jimmy Page - The Yardbirds - Corbeil,Paris,France/Le Terminus

    1969 - Led Zeppelin - Copenhagen,Denmark/Tivolis Koncertsal

    1973 - Led Zeppelin - Vienna,Austria/Weiner Stadhalle

    1985 - Jimmy Page - The Firm - Costa Mesa,CA/Pacific Coliseum

    1988 - Robert Plant - Now And Zen Tour - Newport,South Wales/Newport Centre

    2000 - John Paul Jones - Zooma Tour - Fort Worth,TX/Caravan of Dreams

    2015 - Robert Plant - Sensational Space Shifters - Santiago,Chile/Teatro Caupolican

    2016 - Robert Plant - Austin,TX/Hilton Austin,Grand Ballroom - Tribute to DJ Paul Ray KUTX - Austin Music Awards,SIMS Foundation




  13. March 15th

    1966 - Robert Plant - Listen - Wolverhampton,West Midlands,England/Woolpack Civic Restaurant

    1967 - Jimmy Page - The Yardbirds - Offenbach,Germany/Stadhalle - German TV Show Beat Beat Beat

    1969 - Led Zeppelin - Gladsaxe,Denmark/Egegard Skole,Box 45 Teen Club

    1969 - Led Zeppelin - Brondby,Denmark/Norregards-hallen,Brondby Pop-Club

    1985 - Jimmy Page - The Firm - Oakland,CA/Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

    1986 - Jimmy Page - The Firm - Hollywood,FL/Hollywood Sportatorium

    1986 - Robert Plant - Big Town Playboys - Birmingham,West Midlands,England/NEC Arena - for Birmingham Children's Hospital

    1993 - Jimmy Page - Coverdale Page album released

    2000 - John Paul Jones - Zooma Tour - Houston,TX/Fitzgerald's

    2006 - Robert Plant - Mighty ReArranger Tour - Amiens,France/Cirque Jules Verne

    2015 - Robert Plant - Sensational Space Shifters - Santiago,Chile/Parque of Higgens - Lollapalooza Chile

    2016 - Robert Plant - Sensational Space Shifters - Dallas,TX/The Bomb Factory











  14. ^^ Hi ebk and Dd!


    I saw Beautiful and it was fantastic! Carole King is a powerhouse in regards to song writing. Dd I know the Saenger would be a great place to see it and glad to see it was restored as well.

    Have fun and ebk I hope you get a chance to see it as well. I highly recommend it :-) :yesnod:   


  15. March 14th

    1969 - Led Zeppelin - Stockholm,Sweden/Sveriges Radio TV Studios - Swedish TV Performance

    1969 - Led Zeppelin - Stockholm,Sweden/Stockholm Konserthuset

    1969 - Led Zeppelin - Uppsala,Sweden/Uppsala University,Lecture Halls

    1971 - Led Zeppelin - Henley,Stoke,England/Trentham Gardens Ballroom

    1973 - Led Zeppelin - Nuremberg,Germany/Nuremberg Messehalle

    1975 - Led Zeppelin - San Diego,CA/San Diego Sports Arena

    1985 - Jimmy Page - The Firm - Inglewood,CA/The Forum

    1986 - Jimmy Page - The Firm - Tampa,FL/USF Sun Dome

    1986 - Robert Plant - Norwich,Norfolk,England/Student Union,University of East Anglia

    1995 - Page & Plant - Unledded Tour - Houston,TX/The Summit

    2000 - John Paul Jones - Zooma Tour - New Orleans,LA/House of Blues

    2005 - Robert Plant - Mighty ReArranger Tour - Dallas,TX/Gypsy Tea Room

    2015 - JBLZE - Rancho Mirage,CA/Agua Caliente Casino











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