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  1. Very hard question, it's like asking a parent to chose with children they prefer. Every Album, every song that LZ wrote and recorded are priceless. If I had to absolutely choose I would have to pick Stairway to Heaven. It is the greatest song of all times and the lyrics still apply to life today. In my opinion it will always be about the MUSIC.
  2. I took my convertable out on Saturday, had all of my Zep CD's, one of my Zep T-shirts on and drove into the mountains up the Blue Ridge Parkway. The wind on my face, the LZ blasting, the scenery..it was a great day!
  3. Without a doubt. NO other band can even come close to Zeppelin and their sound..they cannot be imitated. No one has a voice like Plant, plays a guitar like Page, Bass like Jones and drums like Bonham (may God rest his soul). The best bands were the late sixties and seventies. These new bands of the 90's and on cannot hold a candle to that era..especially LZ. I saw all the great bands in the 70's and Eddie Van Halen is probably 2nd best with Stevie Ray Vaughn coming in 3rd on guitar...but I honestly cannot think of anyone who can even begin to have a voice like Plant. These men had a connection like no other. And, unlike a lot of great bands, they supported each other as it was about the MUSIC. When Page would go into a long play the others just knew how to go with him and then they all came back together at the end of a song. It was beyond awesome to see. It was magic and I still carry the memories with me of seeing them.
  4. Soundtrack to The Song remains The Same, then Untitled will be after that
  5. hard to choose, but if I had to.....All Of My Love--Stairway to Heaven
  6. Dazed & Confused, You Shook Me, Whole Lotta Love..in that order...but hard to say as all of LZ songs are my favorite, but these came to mind.
  7. Any music that has any of these gentlemen is better than any other music. I fell in love with Zep when I was 9 years old and have never looked back. There is NO other band that can even compare to the talent, passion that these men brought to music. Sometimes I wish it was the 1970's again all over. This kind of talent only comes along once in a lifetime and I am so glad it was my generation that reaped the benefits of having Zeppelin around during these formattable years. How lucky were we. So, yes, while the later albums to some may seem not as powerful, I would rather listen to anything that has the talent of any member of the best band of all times.
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